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  1. Mtotheb81

    Tas 489 Skilled Visa Granted!

    That was great news! Helps reading your post since we are still waiting for our visas. It’s been since July 18. Heard from case officer September 18 and sent off relevant paperwork as requested... So it’s all about the waiting game now!! I have to admit this is the hardest part of the visa process so far since we don’t know how long it will take.
  2. Mtotheb81

    Job situation

    Hey guys! we are moving to Hobart and I have heard mixed reviews on how the job situation is at the moment. It’s vital that we secure employment so it’s pretty scary reading that the job prospects are limited. I work in warehousing and I’m Hoping to secure a job that offers good money and I can use my skills. I’m open minded to trying different jobs and happy to do low skilled positions. If anyone out there has an idea of the job market in Tas and can offer advice and input that would be great! many thanks.
  3. Mtotheb81

    Advice on where to live in Queensland!

    Thanks guys. I have been looking at Wishart as an area, it has great schools but $$$!!! Also Mansfield looks good for schools... any advice on these areas? Where are the areas to avoid. I heard Brizzy has a lot of dreaded ‘Bogans!’
  4. Mtotheb81

    Best suburbs in Perth

    Thanks for the help guys. Yes Mullaloo looks ideal for us, my only hang up is the state schools since private schools are not really an option. We are looking for a state high school that has a pass rate of over 90%. Also I have heard Perth is pretty isolated, is there lots to do there and is it sustainable for children as they become adults and looking for jobs etc..
  5. Mtotheb81

    Best suburbs in Perth

    Thanks for the advice guys. I have been looking into mullaloo and tapping... fingers crossed! What’s the crime like in Perth?
  6. Mtotheb81

    Advice on where to live in Queensland!

    Excellent! Thanks for the advice. Is it better to live north of the river? What are those places like in terms of flooding?
  7. Mtotheb81

    Advice on where to live in Queensland!

    I will be self employed as a personal trainer. My partner will be working as a nurse. So ideally need to be somewhere where I can attract a lot of clients.
  8. Mtotheb81

    Best suburbs in Perth

    Hey guys We are considering moving to Perth but would like advice on the best areas in terms of junior and High schools. We want somewhere safe and family oriented which is close to the sea. Any advice would be great!
  9. Hey Guys we are considering moving to Belair, Pasadena, Eden hills or somewhere close to Blackwood. Does anybody know what these areas are like and where is the best place to live with children. Many thanks
  10. Hi Guys We are seriously considering moving to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast but are a bit lost in terms of where to move. We are looking for great junior and High schools, ideally state but open to private. Ideally somewhere not to isolated but not too busy! The dream is to be close to the sea but willing to travel 1hr to go to the beach. Want to avoid the Gold Coast. Our main concern is everywhere we look in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast has flood risks! We did think of Buderim but it seems very sleepy which I’m not sure will be good for teenagers. We also looked at Red cliff but seems a bit isolated and run down. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks for your time!