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  1. mancunian

    Car Vs Van

  2. mancunian

    Car Vs Van

    Hi all, Sorry it's been a while, I forgot my password and had trouble resetting it. Anyway I'm back and I can inform you I have bought a Van, more specifically a mitsubishi express van with rear kitchen. The van ticks all our boxes and is more homely that we expected. Thanks for all your advice on this ?
  3. mancunian

    Car Vs Van

    Hi Verystormy, The 7 series seems to be a forklift truck? Thanks for the offer on tips and info regarding outback driving, I'll reach out to you in due course, it could even be another topic to start. I think the only long distance drive I'll have to do will be to Alice Springs but it will be a couple of months away and hopefully I'll have more knowledge by then.
  4. mancunian

    Car Vs Van

    Hi Ken, funny enough I've noticed this different looking car/pickup vehicle driving around the streets of Melbourne. Never seen anything like it, is this what all the trades people drive as opposed to a van? Sent from my SM-A520F using PomsinOz mobile app
  5. mancunian

    Car Vs Van

    Loads of useful information for me to look into, I'll take the advise on board and I'm sure it will help me. I'll go with the station wagon based on your points (and to keep my girlfriend happy). Thank you wa7 and Pom Queen [emoji106] Sent from my SM-A520F using PomsinOz mobile app
  6. mancunian

    Car Vs Van

    Hi Pom Queen, When I say van, I generally mean like a transit van. I think a campervan will be over budget and a normal van will be better at stealth camping. Thanks for the info, we never considered a 4x4 but I assume they will be very exspensive. I have already been looking online at cars and getting a free check done to ensure its not stolen or has finance against it, do you know what other checks I can do. I was thinking if hiring a mechanic for an hour to accompany me to view a car but I'm not sure that's a thing. I was just going to use comparethemarket.com.au for insurance. See what deals they can offer, would my no claims in England count over here? Or does insurance work differently. Cheers Sent from my SM-A520F using PomsinOz mobile app
  7. mancunian

    Car Vs Van

    Hi all, I'm currently backpacking with my girlfriend and we are stuck between buying a car (station wagon) or a van. I really want a van because we will have more room to move, sleep, cook, eat and live. She really wants a car because they are cheaper and she thinks cars are more reliable and cheaper to fix. Can any backpackers, ex or present help us out with advice on what they have and why?