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  1. Phil23green

    AITSL Secondary School Teacher

    So would my Bachelor of Secondary Education suffice both i and ii?
  2. Phil23green

    AITSL Secondary School Teacher

    To those who by chance opened this post, your help is appreciated. I am a graduate of secondary education major in english and have succesfully obtained the necessary score for IELTS. My only question is about the qualification in AITSL where it says: i. ITE ii. Other higher education qualification I studied for four years, where ITE is included plus the supervised teaching but the "ii. Other higher..." confused me. Does this mean I have to get a masters degree? Your help will be needed for this journey I am taking. Thanks a lot.
  3. Phil23green

    AITSL teaching skills assessment query

    I hope this will still be read. I am just confused about the standard form for application. It says ITE and other higher education qualification. Does this mean I need to have a masters degree?