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    Faced with difficult choice re move or not

    Thank you snifter for your wise words!!! I think you've nailed it. I need to do some soul searching and get to the bottom of it. Many thanks!
  2. Veroca

    Faced with difficult choice re move or not

    Thanks for the feedback! I think that has been the problem all along; I don't think my husband was ever on board with moving and went along with the visa application but secretly hoped it would be refused. He still doesn't want to go but he feels guilty and sees how much it means to me so he would like to be able to fulfill my desire of moving. I on the other hand, always had my eye on the target. The fact that his mother is ill makes it even harder to make a case for moving and he is not willing to pick a fight with his whole family to do something he is not keen in first place. We have two kids, one is totally keen on the idea of moving, the other not so much since she is in high school. I also wonder if the move would impact her future in a negative way since teenager years is not the easiest time to move around. When I think logically it probably makes sense to just give up but I feel stuck. As Tulip points out if he is not keen on it it probably won't work out.
  3. Faced with very difficult choice Our PR visa was granted in 03/2013 and at the time my husband didn't want to move to OZ. Two years fast forward and my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has been battling the disease for almost 3 years now and we wanted to care for her but she refused to move in with us. She says she will only do so when she is incapacitated. We live 2 1/2 hours flight away from her and only see her twice a year. She has 2 other children that don't live in the same city as hers but her brother does and he has been a big help. Our 5 year visa expires in 03/2018. I still want to move to oz and my husband says that if his mother passes before the visa expires he will move. Part of me feels that our live has been on a hold for a while and I've been trying to let go of the tought of moving but can't get over it and if we did go I'm afraid that her and the whole family would resent us forever and I would probably regret being so selfish.