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  1. NimaGhaemi

    Who to contact for a 417 visa update!?

    Yes I hold British citizenship, I was born here and have lived here my entire life.
  2. NimaGhaemi

    Who to contact for a 417 visa update!?

    thank you Would you say they are doing checks with the Iranian embassy in Aus or with Iran itself?
  3. NimaGhaemi

    Who to contact for a 417 visa update!?

    my best friend does not have an Iranian passport
  4. NimaGhaemi

    Who to contact for a 417 visa update!?

    My dad is Iranian therefore I am entitled to an Iranian passport, so is my brother, sister and mum who is fully English Do you have any contacts in the processing team? someone I can chase to speed things up/get an update as to what is going on?
  5. NimaGhaemi

    Who to contact for a 417 visa update!?

    No I am applying from Manchester UK, I am half Iranian and have an Iranian passport however I am not an Iranian citizen. My best friend has a criminal conviction and a drink driving offence and had his visa granted within 10 days... if it is my Iranian passport holding me back surely someone with two criminal convictions is more of a risk to the Australian border then someone with an Iranian passport? I was advised it wouldn't take more than 6 weeks and even when speak to the DIBP they are shocked its taking this long. Its a horrendously bad service with no form of update or anywhere in which an applicant can check where the process is up to. Do you have any advise on who to chase or what I can do?
  6. Hi all I have now been waiting 8 weeks and 4 days for my 417 working holiday visa to be granted and still no answer. The travel agent I purchased the visa through has chased DIBP twice for me and still no response, I have also been in touch with the processing team via email and chased them twice however no response. There is a number you can call on the DIBP website which is 0061 131 881... you usually have to hold for approximately 40 minutes to speak to one of the team. I spoke with a gentlemen called Alex last night and he tried calling the processing team in Queensland however there was no response, he sent them an email and asked for them to email me an update - I'm mindful that they have never responded to any of our emails and that they never will respond. Its a really tricky situation as I've missed my flight, lost out on a job and also lost money on an Airbnb. The process shouldn't take this long and I HAVE NOT been asked for any medical tests, I don't not have any criminal convictions and I hold a British passport (born in the UK) Is anyone else experiencing serious delays here??? any advise on what could be going on and who I could potentially call? its driving me insane no hanging around in limbo Thanks Nima
  7. I am also planning on going to Tehran for 5 days in about a weeks time. Would you suggest I don't go due to the security checks as it may slow things down?
  8. Thanks Would it be beneficial to chase the Iranian officials? or would I be fighting a loosing battle? I know you can't give me a timeframe however I could be waiting months rather than weeks?
  9. Hi guys I am a British born citizen, my mum is English and my dad Iranian. I hold an Iranian passport however not classed as an official citizen. I applied for a working holiday visa nearly 6 weeks ago now on the 7th of August - in the initial application I declared I had an Iranian passport but wasn't a citizen. 2 weeks later I received the 'form 80' which I filled in and returned asap. When I applied for the visa I was told it shouldn't take any longer than 4 weeks therefore booked my flights 6 weeks in advance (this Sunday) however, I still haven't been granted a WHV and have heard nothing, when I call the Visa Bureau they say they can not update me and its a waiting game however it shouldn't take longer than 8 weeks. I have ultimately had to push my flight back by 3 weeks which has cost me an extra £500. The only reason why my application is taking so long is due to me declaring I have an Iranian passport... Could anyone shed some light as to if it will pass the 8 weeks mark? if it could go on for longer? and how I can get a an update and who from? I am currently left in the dark without knowing, job interviews have been cancelled and I lost out on the Airbnb I had booked for the first month. Please guys anything here would be much appreciated. Thanks Nima