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  1. Hi, Anyone know of this. Air b n b or car next door? As someone who is sponsored on a 457 can I do the above? Or is that a second income / job and not allowed? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Has anyone got any recommendations for hospitals known to sponsor registered nurses on 482? Probably not enough points for 190 Thanks in advance Merry xmas y'all
  3. Raz434

    Studying 2 courses on a 500

    Hi (asking for another), Does anyone have any experience in this situation? 417 - worked and studying english proficiency 500 - first course of english language (gained better english proficiency) 500 - second course english study obtained suitable OET, now started registration process for a career 500 - third visa, course to study business for 2 years, will be studying a second course that will qualify for registration in a job that could lead to a sponsored work visa (482 4 year). 482 - potential visa plan seeing as the applicant has had 3 student visas and will then be eligible for a 482, will immigration track through the history of previous visas. The applicant would need to submit the qualification obtained in their third 500 visa (which was not the course they were sponsored to study). Complex. ? Any advice? Thanks
  4. Thanks Raul. I know I cant go DE 186. TRT maybe be possible? How so? I'm 28, have a degree, english 3years work ex, positive skill assessment.
  5. HI, again mixed signals from agents. 1 agent said its possible but another didn't. 457 - residential care officer granted Nov 2016. Grandfathered. TRT is meant to be a pathway to me? However, an agent is saying I can transfer sponsor but no longer attain PR as the job is on the STSOL. I have been offered better working conditions, and my original sponsor does not wish to nominate for PR until Nov 2019. So I would be adding time to my nomination for PR. How long does a transfer take? And can I still attain PR after 2 years of working with my new sponsor or must I stick it out?
  6. Bachelor of Science (Honours) is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an AQF Bachelor degree and is therefore at the required level. Field of study is not highly relevant The employment meets the minimum requirements for this occupation. Skill assessment: Positive Based on the evidence provided, the qualification/s and employment described above meet the requirements of your nominated occupation and are assessed as suitable for migration purposes. And then it says Points Test Advice is 0.8. But if I am not going for a points visa then I am okay? *headsdesk*
  7. My skill assessment is positive. It states 2 years at work experience that meets required criteria And then 0.8months work experience relevant. So I am unsure if I then will (in feb) meet the 3 years work experience
  8. Hi all, looking for any advise / knowledge around this. Continuously paying different amounts of money to different people and hearing differing opinions, its all rather confusing. I have an honors degree (4 years) graduated 2013. Psychology. have worked in the field in my field 2.8 years. on a 457 visa, have a sponsor to do 186 but have not been with them 2 years. my degree is deemed not relevant to my occupation. Residential Care Officer. Positive skill assessment thus came out as 0.8 The assessment is used to help points based visa. Is 186 a points based visa? Does my degree need to be 'relevant' for my sponsored job?