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  1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1553935988001127&set=p.1553935988001127&type=3&ifg=1
  2. HOT OFF THE PRESS. News from DIBP. Grandfathering for 457 visa holders as at 18th April 2017, you will STILL be eligible for temporary transitional pathway to permanent residency after 2 years (not 3) with your current employer. This includes the above 45's....announced at a migration conference by DIBP, supposedly being published next week..........
  3. What about existing 457 visa holders with a job on the mltssl who are over 45 I wonder..there is no mention anywhere about the prospect of us 45+ year olds having our conditions grandfathered, despite being below the upper limit when our visa was granted?? Anyone??
  4. Hi everyone, Our family is in a really complicated situation so please bear with me (apologies for a long post!!) I have been on here before asking people to sign our petition on change.org (message me if you want to sign it) So our situation is this (in as concise a way as I can put it): we came to Australia on a 457 visa in December 2016 with my husband as primary applicant, and we live in Perth WA. It was all going well until the news broke in April this year of the 457 visa being abolished and with it the age limit to be able to apply reducing to 45. Unfortunately my husband is 46, and our chances of being able to apply for PR will in effect vanish by March 2018, 9 months before hubby is eligible to apply on the TRT 2 year stream. He was unable to apply by direct entry before July due to not enough post grad experience, and unable to apply via the regional sponsored as Perth is no longer regional So it looks like our days in this beautiful country are numbered and our lives are being destroyed, all over 9 poxy months!! Yes there is a chance that existing 457 visa holders conditions will be grandfathered, but 1) we dont know if that will happen 2) when it will be announced for sure and 3) I havent heard that this condition accounts for those in the 45+ age bracket... Now onto me...I am 38, been a housewife for the past 5+ years, having before worked in the family business in the UK. Prior to that I was a lab technician, with about 8 years experience but I dont have any qualifications whatsoever having gone into lab work almost straight from school. I was advised that I could be eligible to apply for PR from a regional sponsored visa, as I would only need over 3 years of experience in place of any formal qualifications....cos a regional visa is not skills assessed. BUT....that would mean I would not only need to get an employer to sponsor me on a full time job for at least 2 years IN A REGIONAL AREA....but during the time it takes to process hubby would have to stay in his 457 visa sponsored job IN PERTH until my visa was granted (around 14 months)!!! Now I know a lot of people would say "stuff that" but at the moment we are willing to try absolutely ANYTHING to stay here... That being said, it leads me to my question. How on earth do I go about getting someone to sponsor me on a regional visa?? Is there any websites, forums or can anyone point me in the right direction?? I have no idea of where to start, most jobs I have seen on SEEK and other job sites require formal qualifications or certificates, and over 95% of them are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane (all metropolitan areas). I've applied to a few but no response as yet... And while on the subject, has anyone got a regional sponsored job with no qualifications, how did you do it, where did you go and what was the application process? Oh and one final thing....I need to have a sponsored position in place by March 2018 as life science technician (closest to my job) is on the short term list and will no longer be able to apply after then. Can anyone help?? The easiest thing obviously is if we know for sure that my husband can apply for PR due to our conditions being grandfathered, then I wouldnt have to relocate and leave my kids and husband behind for over a year, but we need a back up plan if hubby cant apply, and this is our back up plan Thanks in advance xxx
  5. No, unfortunately not, as the age limit for any independent visa is now 45, which is why we started this petition. Can I count on your support?? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for your support!! If you wish, post the link on your facebook wall Thanks again xx
  7. Thanks so much for your support Starrynight!! I'm not sure about the facebook thing, maybe try posting the link on your facebook wall, make it public if you can?? No clue with technology
  8. Thanks, you too. I'm terrified at the prospect of going back to the UK and really hope they see sense for us, we are human after all.. Sorry to keep endlessly plugging our petition, but if theres any chance you could forward it to your family, friends, as many people as you can think of and ask them to sign it I would be really grateful, if it makes a difference/grants us so called "old duffers" an exemption it'll be worth it and I'm willing to try anything to stay in the country I now call home https://www.change.org/p/peter-dutton-give-me-the-chance-to-apply-for-pr-from-a-457-visa-granted-before-age-limit-dropped-to-45
  9. SJB123

    How to sort out schools???

    Reception is known as pre primary here, playgroup/pre school is known as kindergarten (kindy). Your March born 4 year old will start in pre primary in late Jan/early Feb
  10. Youre right Starry night. I dont know why its so hard for people to understand that....the only route available for us would have been the 2 year trt anyway, which doesnt need a skills assessment....I am hoping that we are still able to follow that route next December
  11. We moved to Australia from the UK last December on a 457 visa with my husband as primary applicant. We had planned on applying for permanent residency after 2 years cos hubby has a permanent job contract here. Then after 4 months the immigration rules changed and it seems that on paper we are no longer eligible for PR due to my husbands age. Please tell us there is some kind of grandfathering or exemption rule for people in our situation?? We have started a petition to hopefully get our case looked at and I would be really really grateful if you could have a look at it and sign it if you can, also if you could forward it to family, friends, neighbours, anyone you can think of to sign too. Go to https://www.change.org/p/peter-dutton-give-me-the-chance-to-apply-for-pr-from-a-457-visa-granted-before-age-limit-dropped-to-45?recruiter=775352431&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive Thank you in advance
  12. This from https://migrationdownunder.com/457-visa-changes/ Existing 457 visa holders are unaffected by the change and can continue to apply for permanent residency after two years of employment with the same employer via the Temporary Resident Transition stream. Is this not grandfathering rights for existing 457 visa holders??
  13. SJB123

    How to sort out schools???

    No problem. Most schools have dedicated uniform shops, it will usually tell you where to buy uniforms from if you check the school website. The school year over here is a bit weird, I assumed it would run January to December to coincide with the summer break, but it actually runs July to June. To put that in context, if for example your child was born in July and started Year 2 in September in the UK, by the time you arrive in Australia the following January they would actually only be starting in Year 1. Kids born September through to June restart the same year they were in in January. Sorry if that sounds confusing...it took me a while to get my head around it!!
  14. SJB123

    How to sort out schools???

    Also where we are you need at least a 1 year lease to enrol, not sure if its the same with all schools though