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    School Advice

    Thank you for the advice, how affordable is Brunswick and do you know how far it is from the nearest beach?
  2. The Carltons

    School Advice

    Thank you , this is really helpful information. Leaving one of the children at home isn't an option though, we are a very close family and need to move together ...... he's a very clever young man so hopefully should manage. I was looking at Melbourne University, so I'll have a look at the areas around there thank you ....... my daughter wants to study Law and is predicted good A-Level grades so she should be ok getting into a good Uni. Thanks again.
  3. The Carltons

    School Advice

    We want to be near the coast but also cafe's, restaurants, to enable us to spend as much time outdoors as the weather allows. I have read that the West side of Melbourne is probably not the best side to live. We also want to be within commuting distance to the CBD as my husband will probably need to work there as a senior manager in logistics and supply chain. I can work in any maternity hospital. We wanted to try and secure the school first, and then look at the nearest "best" University and then look at a place to live and work around that! It's a minefield!
  4. The Carltons

    School Advice

    Hi everyone, We are new to this forum ......... Exciting news for us, our visa's have finally arrived!! Can anyone give me any advice on how to find a good school in melbourne? We have decided to find the school and then a place to live and work around that!! I have one child going in to Year 9 and one will have just finished GCSE's so moving to year 12 to commence A-Levels, but how does the system work? I only appear to be able to find schools prep-12 or 9-12 etc.! My daughter will be starting her first year in University so need to find that once schools are sorted!! We only have a limited time too, we are leaving in August next year, with the house going up for sale in the next few weeks! All help appreciated and welcome, thanks in advance.