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  1. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    Careful Quoll just in case those ex words set off an alarm !! I get picked out on every internal flight and the last time from Perth to Heathrow, and I dared to suggest they needn't read out the search card as I knew it off by heart. That cost me an extra long search !
  2. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    Thanks Snifter, but that is good info. What were your circumstances for getting the Emergency passport, (sorry, if too personal don't respond), from reading the High Commission webpage we assumed an emergency passport would only be in a serious case such as bereavement and they would need supporting evidence as proof. In any case he will have to contact the High Commission if he gets turned away by the airline, which from the previous posts is highly likely, and explain his case. Thanks again to everyone who offered advice and comment, it has all been well received and I guess we will find out in about 24hrs if he gets the flight, or not.
  3. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    No subterfuge Parley, when we found that his RRV was cancelled he was away in North Wales and we couldn't contact him and the HC web page information regarding Emergency Passports was that you needed good reason, bereavement etc and they would want to see evidence or proof of the emergency. The second tier urgent currently has a 3 week wait for an interview. If we have missed something we would be happy to be educated. He would willing pay the cost of an emergency document if you could get one, which will probably be the outcome anyway I guess. This was a genuine error, or more like didn't check the rules thoroughly. He told us his visa would only get cancelled if he applied for a Passport. Yep we should have checked on his behalf before he left Aus , but then he is only 37 !
  4. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    We have checked the VEVO site and his RRV has definitely been removed and I agree I don't think it would be wise to try and request a tourist visa, but good call anyway. The added problem is that London HC appears to be closed next week, but I guess we would have to deal with Canberra in any case.
  5. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    Thank you to all, we agree it is not a great option to just turn up, especially if he could get turned around at the gate, but between now and Tuesday our options are limited, for several reasons. So we will get him to arrive at Stanstead real early and go straight to the Emirates desk and take it from there. Again, thank you for all your advice and comments, great site with honest and valid advice. Will keep you posted.
  6. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    I think he is going to try exactly as you say and turn up at the airport and take a shot at boarding with his UK passport. He has his Citizen Certificate with him. The alternative of doing the right thing and contacting the High Commission would be difficult as right now he is in North Wales camping and climbing with no mobile signal. Then from Monday for a week the London High Commission is closed. Right now he is unaware of the problem he might have. So only option is to give it a try, who dares wins ! Just a thought, if he checks in online I wonder at what point would the airline check for his visa ? He completed his passport application and booked an appointment at the post office, then cancelled it and took off for the UK as it is a quite time for his work in June. !! We will post the outcome.
  7. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    Thanks Quoll, that puts it in perspective for us, better get busy.
  8. pete fish

    Traveling as Australian Citizen with UK passport

    I appreciate this is an old thread but our son now finds himself in a similar position. He obtained Citizenship and then flew back to the UK as his Mum was ill. He flew on his UK passport as he did not have time to apply for an Australian passport. We thought his current RRV would still be valid until he applied for an Australian passport, but from one of the responses it looks like the RRV gets cancelled as soon as he became a Citizen ? So if he gets on the plane for the return trip next Tuesday, what does he fill in the immigration card where it asks if he is a Citizen ? Peter
  9. pete fish

    Form1085 RRV 155

    LeMain and all, we had already started the paper form so we continued with it and last week the RRV was approved, and better than that, we have a date for the Citizens Test in Perth, Happy Days !!
  10. pete fish

    Form1085 RRV 155

    Hi All, we are just completing an RRV as we would like to travel on holiday whilst waiting for Citizenship. Form 1085 is pretty straightforward but do we read it that if we confirm in Q29 ( that we resided in Aus for more that 2 years in the last 5) then we go straight to section C and do not complete Questions 30 and onwards ? It should be straightforward as we have lived and worked in Aus as PR for five years, but our visa expired last October and we didn't expect the Citizenship application to take so long. Thanks