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    Car import costs

    It will cost you about $8-12K depending on RORO vs using a container and if you have to have the bloody thing washed at both ends!
  2. DrDougster


    We moved to Perth from Brisbane at the start of the year and I love it so far. Been working a bit too much to get lots of experience but able to cope with the workload due to the lovely environment. We are in Subiaco so I can walk to work (hospital) alternating with driving our daughter 10mins to school then 10-15mins back to work. Bike paths are pretty good for nice loops around the Swan river or further afield South or across to the hills. Generally cycling not as varied/interesting as Brisbane. However, beaches more than make up for that and the Swan river is unbeatable for kids' water sports. We have bought in Cottesloe for a move next year to somewhere with a little bit of work needed but a 500m walk to the beach and 7Km bike path to work. There are great coffee shops both there and in Subiaco. These two areas would be my top choices for where to live and we plumped for being by the beach at the expense of livelier night life and easy access to the city that Subi provides. We're completely isolated from any issues with drug misuse outside of work.
  3. Einstein almost certainly would if assessed as a five year old, yes. Absolutely no way he'd have got NDIS though, given my experience of trying to get people support through it! But, not really the point I was trying to make. Immigration policy probably pays to be open minded for a rich and diverse society to develop. Having global talent visas has its place but a policy that excludes people who need a bit of support is probably short sighted.
  4. Imagine what a disaster it would've been for the country to have had someone like Bill Gates or Einstein emigrate to Australia!
  5. DrDougster

    Renting with large family

    Most people moving to Aus will take their birth certificate with them. That and your passport and a credit card is plenty (70,70,25). Remember you'll need marriage certificate if changed your name.
  6. DrDougster

    Decision making.. Career & Location

    I guess it depends on the sums of money that you're talking from your "place in London" to "your place in Brisbane". If you're coming with a few million dollars in your pocket then I'd do it now, fast and Brisbane. If you buy, leave yourself some to live on, then it's likely that if you've chosen your property well it will work as a third income for you in the longer run. If you change your mind about where to live in a few years then sell at a profit, you'll have more knowledge and more options with more cash. Some recent signs Brisbane is going to follow Sydney and Perth property market growth this year rather than loss. Might be worth moving sooner rather than later. (Investments may go down as well as up :-))
  7. DrDougster

    Transfer money from UK

    I had this issue with a Malaysian bank and needed to move the money across to a local HSBC account and then across to Wise. Your solution using your sister is probably the best - flick the money from Virgin to a different UK account (fee free transfer) and then from there into your Wise "UK account" before converting to AUD and then paying the very nominal (was $0.57) to send it to your Australian bank.
  8. Sorry you're put off - and apologies if I was to blame. Just fed up with the berating of good local services by a disgruntled individual. I hope you do move back to Aus. Our five year old absolutely loves her life here. She's so happy and for us we could never give her a comparable quality of life in the UK.
  9. How could I be in a better position to answer? I am one of the staff. I have worked in the NHS and at Sir Charles Gairdner. I worked in the NHS under the Blair government. I have never worked as a recruiter. I actually am on the ground.
  10. This is just rambling nonsense. Take one of your points: "Actually one of our main hospitals, Sir Charles Gairdner, went into code Yellow 144 times alone." Do you know what this means? It means at that point there's bed pressure. So 144 times there was acute bed pressure that was then resolved. Do you hold this up as an example of a system in crisis? At Sir Charles Gairdner this year there is big expansion of services. For example, new services to support outpatient antibiotic services, a new CT scanner, four new respiratory specialists and staff to bring down wait times, improve care and all through public funding. Yes things aren't perfect, they won't be in a public service, but to even draw an analogy to the NHS is bonkers. There will always be underfunded, understaffed areas but you appear to have absolutely no real knowledge of this area beyond that which can be gleaned from a keyboard.
  11. Load of rubbish. The hospital system is absolutely NOTHING like as stretched here as in UK. Appointment times are much shorter, beds are much more readily available and ED wait times dramatically lower. Schooling options are better, class sizes appear smaller and yah de yah... You're quite a contributor to unhappiness you know Blue Flu. I'm not sure you actually help anyone with these comments despite your assertions that you "give the other side".
  12. DrDougster

    Retrieving immiaccount answers

    Is there a way to pull the travel history from my approved 190PR visa so I can put matching details in my citizenship application? I just know I'll miss a Greece or Egypt holiday if I go off memory again and it might not've been correct the first time!
  13. DrDougster

    Retrieving immiaccount answers

    Got it - "view application" What a numbskull!
  14. DrDougster

    Mortgage Requirements in Oz

    My very limited (but very current!) experience of mortgages her win Aus is that the process is still much more personal than in the UK. Depending on your finances, the variable rates online aren't the rates that you can actually get (over 8%vs under 6%) if you ring and go through the details and supporting evidence of your income. Lenders really want new loans at the moment despite the number of fixeds coming to an end, they've not passed on some of the rate hikes and interest rates are likely at or near a peak here now.
  15. DrDougster

    Budget May 2023

    Obviously we have very differing views on politics, entitlement and even the meaning of words so I'll bow out of this one!
  16. DrDougster

    Budget May 2023

    To support people less fortunate. Your suggestion wouldn't be fairer, it would be treating people the same. That approach would be inherently sexist and increase inequity across society so, yeah, I'd say it would be unfair. Popular with people who think "stars" sexually assaulting women was/is acceptable, but unfair nonetheless.
  17. DrDougster

    Doctors and Australia

    You're going to need to get your wife to ask the questions I'm afraid. As mentioned, there's a massive difference (equivalent of a higher degree) between the two and the process is very different. An RMO couldn't apply to be a GP and I can't imagine a GP would want to go back to being an RMO here. Generally: Initial costs for both are high unless you can get expenses covered A recruitment consultant may help a lot but also might be frustrating. I actually stopped using mine and have done our paperwork for everything myself. Local contacts definitely help so get your wife to reach out if she does want to apply. If your wife is a GP then she'll be going backwards for a few years and have a cabinet full of of paperwork to do. The pay also won't be great. If she's an RMO then don't hang around. Just do it.
  18. DrDougster

    Medical exam

    Shouldn't be an issue
  19. DrDougster

    Medical exam

    IBD is inflammatory bowel disease, IBS is irritable bowel syndrome. Mesalazine is a cheap, old bowel anti-inflammatory and so long as he's not had any flares or admission it should be fine.
  20. DrDougster

    Moving to Perth from uk

    We used Solaris from Nottingham to Perth. Keys handled the stuff Aus end. The service was excellent and packing was very good. It was about 8000GBP for about 800 cubic feet.
  21. DrDougster

    Travelling light

    Member, observer, about to move... So, we're making the move. However, it is now with some trepidation given some odd emails from my employers/future colleagues. My plan is that me, my wife and our baby (who will be 1 three days after we land) will travel light as we're on a 457 and I've listened to the warnings/horror stories on here. We're going to keep our house and cars in UK for now and see how it goes for a few months. I've got a job in Darwin which will allow us to rent a nice apartment and my wife will be going back LTFT working with the University there. I have a few questions which are forum fodder: 1) How long should we plan to "stick it out", "experience it", "settle in" before we make decision to stay or not? (expected answer is six months) I've booked flexi return flights through Singapore. 2) Despite the warnings about renting online I am tempted to do all the paperwork for this place before we go: https://www.realestate.com.au/property-unit-nt-nightcliff-422575634 anyone in Darwin got any thoughts? 3) I've done the usual BUPA quick insurance for the 457 but should I do the medicare reciprocal cover? - it looks like it would save about $1000 a year 4) What am I forgetting? What are the big/little things? Turning the water off, SORN the cars etc. 5) Insanely stupid question: when I went to Aus "back in the day" I'm sure I had to send off my passport. Is it all "on the line" now? Can we just get on the plane? I've set up a bank account - Westpac were brilliant, got insurance, going to ship a few bits with sevenseas, going to rent a car and then lease, being shown around the above property the day after we arrive... Thank you for creating and contributing to a great site which has helped me so much! Waggons roll!
  22. DrDougster

    Travelling light

    This was amusing to find after the intervening almost five years. Don't worry Dougster, it'll be ok. I guess spell check didn't pick up wagons back then - how life has changed!
  23. DrDougster

    Solaris Relocation for UK - AUS shipping??

    Everything delivered today - no customs charges. Excellent service from Solaris - they used Key here in Perth. Now to see if I fit in that suit...
  24. DrDougster

    Solaris Relocation for UK - AUS shipping??

    Thanks Milly - hopefully they'll treat us similarly with this shipment. The one with inherited items, piano etc, from Penang may be another matter. Anyone any thoughts on how to get that kind of thing looked at favourably? It's the piano my wife played on when she was young and family furniture.
  25. DrDougster

    Solaris Relocation for UK - AUS shipping??

    @Millytod I wondered how you got on with your letter to try and avoid the tax? I have just received an email from the handlers for importing our stuff and given our four year delay I'm going to have to see if I can either get customs to waive the tax or try and work out the sale value of our stuff. The latter is difficult as a) I can't actually remember what is in there and b) how would you value a something like a $2000 tailored suit that is maybe ten years old? $20? We are shipping nothing new except maybe a bottle of Swedish gin and everything else is really difficult to value as a sale price. Many thanks for your help.