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  1. Jenny_2017

    Australian university requirement for UK high school kids

    Thank you very much for this! I will definitely look into it.
  2. Jenny_2017

    Australian university requirement for UK high school kids

    This is very helpful! Thank you very much!
  3. Jenny_2017

    Australian university requirement for UK high school kids

    Thank you for your reply! It's a good point to check on fees. Hope there is no much difference.
  4. Hi there, Just curious if anyone has experience in schooling kids (secondary schools mainly) in UK but sending them to do Universities in Australia. How are they covert their UK scores/marks to the ones required by university in Australia? Or, vice versa? Thanks!
  5. Jenny_2017


    Thanks very much again! We are a bit assured about the schools near Cambridge. I also had a look of secondary schools in Melbourne. A lot around but good public ones are in very expensive area. The house price there is very scary indeed! Melbourne is huge and population is exploding. This can be a big problem for a family moving from overseas. I guess the secondary education system is also a bit different. In UK they have year 13 (to prepare for University entrance exam), but in Australia, only year 7-year 12 available in high school. Is it true?
  6. Jenny_2017


    Thank you so much for your reply. I heard someone said that too but I don't quite understand why the secondary school aren't as good as primary's teaching standard.
  7. Jenny_2017


    Thank you very much for your kind reply! We are academics and do want our children develop very well academically. Is Hill Road Six Form a public one? If we stay in Cambridge, we may be able to consider this one and Parkside in town. Considering the reputation of Cambridge University, what we don't quite understand is that many very good public schools (e.g., Grammar schools) are near London (please excuse me if this is wrong). My kids' head teacher complained bitterly about gov funding situation in Cambridge area.
  8. Jenny_2017


    Hi all, We are from Australia. After 1 year living in Cambridge UK, it is time for us to decide whether staying longer or going back to Australia (Melbourne possibly). One key issue would be kids schooling. My older son will be in Grade 6 next year, and the little one will be in Grade 3. They both are doing well in the past in Australia and in their current public school in Cambridge (even they both had to move up 0.5 year when they enrolled in UK due to school enrollment rules ). We had no problems about their primary school education (public) in Australia in the past, but would like to ask for your genuine opinion (or ideas) about secondary school education in UK and Australia and compare this in both countries. The UK secondary school system is a bit confusing for us. Difference in regions, for example, there is no Grammar schools in Cambridge area. Does anyone have any experience about secondary schooling in Cambridge? Thank you all very much!!