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    Project builder

    Dear WRussell, Thank you for the valuable response. Since I'm doing my third semester in Project management it would be too late to change the course now and also when I consulted to the University to change for Architecture course I won't be given any credit transfer as well. Then I thought I can start from the beginning but as I come from a urban poor background I can't afford to start all over again. As you might think how dumb this guy (I feel like I'm now) must be, but sorry this is how I was convinced by my education consultant that I can easily get the PR accessing my architect qualification. So now I'm in a position with no option left out other than getting accessed through project builder or construction manager with an year of experience! which I'm still not sure how I'm gonna achieve in a country asking PR or prior experience for jobs. I would be highly obliged if there is any other alternative field I can apply through. Please update me. As per the given instructions, if I start doing the job from now itself would it be considered as a valid work experience (note: since I'm student I can work 20 HRS/ week). If I get the job experience then what are the good chances of getting through. Humbly looking forward to your reply. Cheers, Manik
  2. lebowski.junior

    Project builder

    Hi greetings to all! I hereby pursuing Masters in project management in Australia and graduated as an Bachelor of Architect from India. And also got one year of experience from an architectural firm. As per SOL 2017, Architecture is the course listed for skilled occupancy but not project management. So I consulted few migration agents, they said that I can access my current course through VETASSESS. But I'm not sure which occupation should I choose? Architecture Project builder Construction project manager. Please guide me. Thanks.