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    New and overwhwelmed by too much information !

    Probably sounds worse than it is but the potential was for a resulting thrombosis leading to a full on stroke which is why the ICU for intimate monitoring although I've just been moved out of there and into general population, hopefully in preparation for release some time soon. The sooner the better I have to say not because of being in hospital per se, that I can put up with (some of the nurses being quite tasty helps), but not puttng too fine a point on it, the food is complete sh*t, the fabled (and actually quite elusive) French cuisine having evidently not made it into the hospital kitchen, I'm sure there must be a university somewhere which teaches how take perfectly good ingredients and turn them into inedible mush, oh and I don't think they even possess a salt cellar either ! Still, on the bright side losing a few kg isn't going to do me any harm This 'thing' shouldn't be a problem going forward as it's trauma induced rather than chronic or by disease and in my instance brought on by a severe coughing fit whilst being contorted upside down in the foot well of one of my cars with my head craned hard over trying to eyeball and reach something. The prognosis is for complete recovery with no legacy after affects or controlling medication but interesting you mention medical matters all the same and I wonder how rigid the medicals/requirements are. By definition aged parents are synonymous with illness or infirmity and if they only want fine healthy specimens acceptees will likely barely run to double digits ! A bit of high blood pressure excepted personally I have no particular or ongoing medical issues but my wife is type 2 diabetic.
  2. Movingon

    New and overwhwelmed by too much information !

    Thanks Chicken 66, I do try to stay on the lighter positive side - says he who's currently writing from an ICU hospital bed having been rushed in with a torn carotid artery last Wednesday !
  3. Movingon

    New and overwhwelmed by too much information !

    Hi and thanks for the quick reply. I did wonder about his eligibility to sponsor so soon after achieving permanent residence so that's one point for further research although having to rent in France (or possibly Spain or elsewhere ) for a couple of years would not be the end of the world, just kicking around possible options for after we've sold in France, returning to UK most definitely NOT being one of them ! I'm aware of the pension freeze however the UK state pensions only represent about 50% of our total pension income plus we'd be living with them and still have a fair chunk of capital left over to dip into as and when required so those are details to be looked at more closely if the plan proves to be viable prima facie. Truth be told we haven't even run the idea by them yet so it might be met with a resounding Foxtrot Oscar anyway but since it would incorporate a substantial cash gift to help them get out of rented accommodation and into a property of their own I'm fairly confident that won't happen !
  4. Hi all, New on the block and as per the title finding the amount of information here just too much to take in so looking for some pointers directly relevant to my situation. Our son (eldest of only two children) is married to an Australian national (7 years) and is living and working in QLD but waiting on his permanent residence visa which he is anticipating around the end of this year having moved from UK in Nov 2015. DIL has an adult son (OZ army) but there are no other children nor will there be any as it's was a late marriage for both. We are a pair of UK citizens, me aged 67 and wife 65, with full UK state pensions plus private so financially self sufficient purely on income - at least in Euroland terms ! Currently we live in France however we are in the process of selling up to downsize and move and one option we are considering is joining them in OZ under the CPV provisions. Savings apart after the house sale we anticipate having the equivalent of around AUD 250,000 in the bank. As I'm understanding it at the moment and according to the OZ government website we can buy our way in (lets call a spade a spade shall we !) by applying for CAP (temporary) 884 visas (from $32,900 each) and then following up with CAP (permanent) 864 visas (from $19,750 each). What confuses me after that is the thread entitled "The Brand new PIO Parents Visa thread" (which, dating from Jan 2010 is anything but new and currently extends to 559 pages and I don't think I'll live long enough to plough through that let alone take it in and remember it and speaks of 5 year visas renewable once so how does that square with the government website ? Not looking for hand holding just some relevant bullet points to follow up on, particularly the health care options. Thanks in advance.