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    Thank you. I'm not too concerned about the timeframe as it been over 4 years since I submitted my original application, so I've learned patience. What I want to know is how likely you feel it would be I'd get my Permanent Residency, if as I expect my medical and police checks are fine? Not a great deal has changed regarding my form 80. Is there anything worth including in the notes to that form that may help, ie, things in the community or other social stuff or this form merely procedural?
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    Do you think I'm near the end of the process now, and do people who have their case remitted usually get a favourable decision? From reading previous threads I suspected I'd have to redo police/medical, so that came as no surprise. The from 80 wrong footed me a little, but as I'd done one before at least it wasn't as difficult. Any advice you could offer, Raul, from what you know of other cases in my position would be helpful. Thank you.
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    Thanks. I'm sensing I'm nearing an end it all. And quietly confident...
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    My partner visa (820/801) was refused a couple of years ago because I was overwhelmed with the process (didn't use an agent) I didn't submit enough proof that my relationship was genuine is the short version. My hearing was in march and it was 'remitted'. From what I've read that's good news. My question to you internet strangers is - what now? DIAC have requested I redo the police/medical checks and have also requested I do the Form 80, the latter I'm slightly confused as to why. I'm confident I'm close to getting my visa after nearly four years. Have any others had their appeals' remitted and how did it play out for you?