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  1. I was helping a friend with her citizenship application(as she didn’t have a scanner) and it did that to all her documents...the whole pdf was converted to multiple jpeg image files, one for each page. Also, we had to adjust the passport photo to fit into the online “frame”. Once we scanned and uploaded it, we had to move it or zoom in/out to adjust it to fit the frame. It was all a little different from when I applied for my visa several years ago. Good luck with your application. I see you’ve been getting ready to hit “submit” for some weeks now! Well done on your thoroughness and planning!
  2. JustUs

    Error in Citizenship application

    There’s an option of calling immigration/DoHA to check on your date of eligibility. A friend entered their dates into the DoHA calculator and was given an eligibility date. When she then tried to fill in the online form for citizenship by conferral, just like you, it wouldn’t let her go past page 6 either, giving an error message about not meeting the residency criteria. She called immigration who asked some questions to verify her identity, and were told that her eligibility date was about a week later. She then proceeded to apply on the given date and it allowed her to proceed past page 6 and complete the application. Apparently my friend had forgotten a business trip overseas that she had taken when she keyed the dates into the calculator. Obviously immigration know when you’ve met the residency requirements. And since it’s coming from the proverbial horse’s mouth(DoHA), I’m assuming it is probably the most accurate way of knowing when one meets the residency requirements?
  3. JustUs

    Citizenship application - parents details??

    Hi Sigemup, One can apply for citizenship online or fill up a paper form. The form can be found here https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1300t.pdf and might give you a better idea of what’s required. B/Regards.
  4. Hi, Just a quick question related to this post; when applying for my spouse’s citizenship by conferral, we uploaded certified copies (by a local JP)of some of her ID documents only later realising that we could have just scanned and uploaded the colour copies of the original documents without certification. Would this be an issue, you think? or if we uploaded documents after submission, would it affect the original application in any way as we did see it stated somewhere that we may get queried why all documents weren’t submitted at the time of payment for citizenship thanks in advance.
  5. JustUs

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Hi Vickit89, A friend from Perth applied in Jan/Feb 2018, received the invitation for the test in Dec 18. Had the test in Feb 2019 and received the approval a week or so later. No date on the ceremony yet though. Application done online. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the replies NickyNook and VeryStormy. It certainly does appear that I may have to wait a little longer. Strangely, the Home Affairs calculator seemed to indicate an earlier date than I’d initially thought. But I understand now that the calculator just computes the actual number of days without taking into account the visa status etc. Thanks again...
  7. Hello, Need some advice on the residency requirements for citizenship, please. The dept of home affairs website says one needs to have lived in Australia for 4 years before applying with at least 12 months of that being on a PR visa and I understand that one can't be away for more than 12 months at a time and no more than 90 days in the past 12 months. I worked in Australia on a 457 for about 13 months in 2013, went back to the UK in 2014 but made several short trips for holiday/meetings between leaving in 2014 and when I came back on another 457 in 2016. Been in Australia since March 2016 and on a PR visa for about 18 months now. In March 2019, I would have completed 3 years since I arrived in 2016. And technically, I've never had a continuous period of 12 months that I've been outside Australia. My questions : 1. Can I add up the 13 months (in 2013-2014) + 3 years (2016-2019) to qualify to apply for citizenship in March 2019 and meet the 4 year residency requirement? 2. I tried inputting all the dates I was in and out of the country on the home affairs calculator and it did say I would be eligible to apply in Feb 2019. I understand the calculator is just an estimation tool and can't be used as evidence of eligibility? Thanks in advance for replying! Best wishes for a great 2019! JustUs
  8. JustUs

    How do people actually get into work in Australia?

    Which is what you’d see in Beijing University...a whole lot of non-Chinese not being able to speak Mandarin. Your point mate?
  9. JustUs

    How do people actually get into work in Australia?

    Tootsie: And you’re making the assumption that Indian and Asian looking people at universities aren’t Australian?
  10. JustUs

    How to watch UK Sport in Australia

    The FA Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester United is being telecast live on SBS at 2.15am 20/5/18.
  11. Hi Anna, You can convert your UK licence anytime. Just need to head to the nearest department of motor vehicles or whatever the equivalent is in Tassie. However, as the screen capture from Transport Tas states, you need to convert it within 3 months of the date your PR is granted. http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/licensing/newtotas/overseas Good luck.
  12. JustUs

    Additonal evidence for 189, certifying...help!

    Hi, Read somewhere else that that certification by a solicitor, JP, magistrate or notary public would be acceptable. People seem to have rung around their local solicitors and notaries public to find out the best rates which appear to be quite variable.
  13. JustUs

    RSMS(187): Direct entry stream: Physio

    Hi Allan, There are some changes that will be implemented beginning March 2018. I’m not sure if it affects the RSMS stream but there’s not much time left until March. I’ve heard that the skills assessment exemption if you’re earning above the threshold amount either has been removed or will be. With the removal of that exemption, you might require a positive skills assessment to qualify for the visa Again, I’m not a migration agent/lawyer, so my information may not be correct but since time is tight, I’d recommend either getting your employers to seek the advice of a migration agent or you get one yourself. There are a few here are in POI who are quite helpful. Good luck!
  14. JustUs

    Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    I would recommend giving Aussie Broadband(the title of this discussion might be a little misleading as it refers to the broadband situation in Australia and not this company in particular) a try (https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/). I'm getting decent and consistent upload speeds of 40+/15+ on a 50/20. They DO NOT have a contract lock in period which means if you don't like their service/speeeds you can switch without problems and apparently they've built their own "backend network"...which from my limited understanding is that most providers rent ports from Telstra or Optus at the exchanges before internet traffic gets on to the NBN. This often leads to congestion at the exchanges/POI's and can lead to slower speeds during peak hours or if you're connected to an exchange with many users and generally the 2 giant telcos tend to prioritise their own customers to that of a reseller. If you've got bandwidth congestion problems, you complain to your provider, who then investigates and sends a report to either Telstra or Optus. Aussie Broadband on the other hand, have invested in their own POI's. When I signed up last year, they were the only other company other than the big 2 telcos to have this. On top of that, their customer service is pretty slick. Some locations have packages up to 100Mbps. Not had too many issues with them. Like I said, no lock-in periods, good customer service...btw, we've only got FTTN. (before the NBN we were getting 2-4Mbps on ADSL which was miserable.) Hope this helps.. PS: Disclosure :The only commercial ties I have to Aussie Boradband is that I have to pay my NBN bill monthly...
  15. JustUs

    187 Visa Processing Time

    http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/australia-requests-a-period-of-transition-on-new-indian-tariff-20171228-p4yy2x.html It was reported that the Australian Agriculture minister was flying to India to try and convince the Indian government to allow a transition period so that these new taxes wouldn't affect pre-existing orders as farmers and relevant industries would be affected and crops etc had been harvested... I feel for the farmers and exporters and everyone else involved in the industry as it's not their fault...but lives and crops and incomes will be affected if India decides to stick to the new regulations on the taxes... Similar situation with all those people who've moved to Australia based on existing regulations and jobs that were needed and are being told the rules have changed. It feels different when the shoe's on the other foot doesn't it?...So have some compassion...you never know when you're going to need it yourself.