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  1. Hi Anna, You can convert your UK licence anytime. Just need to head to the nearest department of motor vehicles or whatever the equivalent is in Tassie. However, as the screen capture from Transport Tas states, you need to convert it within 3 months of the date your PR is granted. http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/licensing/newtotas/overseas Good luck.
  2. Additonal evidence for 189, certifying...help!

    Hi, Read somewhere else that that certification by a solicitor, JP, magistrate or notary public would be acceptable. People seem to have rung around their local solicitors and notaries public to find out the best rates which appear to be quite variable.
  3. RSMS(187): Direct entry stream: Physio

    Hi Allan, There are some changes that will be implemented beginning March 2018. I’m not sure if it affects the RSMS stream but there’s not much time left until March. I’ve heard that the skills assessment exemption if you’re earning above the threshold amount either has been removed or will be. With the removal of that exemption, you might require a positive skills assessment to qualify for the visa Again, I’m not a migration agent/lawyer, so my information may not be correct but since time is tight, I’d recommend either getting your employers to seek the advice of a migration agent or you get one yourself. There are a few here are in POI who are quite helpful. Good luck!
  4. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    I would recommend giving Aussie Broadband(the title of this discussion might be a little misleading as it refers to the broadband situation in Australia and not this company in particular) a try (https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/). I'm getting decent and consistent upload speeds of 40+/15+ on a 50/20. They DO NOT have a contract lock in period which means if you don't like their service/speeeds you can switch without problems and apparently they've built their own "backend network"...which from my limited understanding is that most providers rent ports from Telstra or Optus at the exchanges before internet traffic gets on to the NBN. This often leads to congestion at the exchanges/POI's and can lead to slower speeds during peak hours or if you're connected to an exchange with many users and generally the 2 giant telcos tend to prioritise their own customers to that of a reseller. If you've got bandwidth congestion problems, you complain to your provider, who then investigates and sends a report to either Telstra or Optus. Aussie Broadband on the other hand, have invested in their own POI's. When I signed up last year, they were the only other company other than the big 2 telcos to have this. On top of that, their customer service is pretty slick. Some locations have packages up to 100Mbps. Not had too many issues with them. Like I said, no lock-in periods, good customer service...btw, we've only got FTTN. (before the NBN we were getting 2-4Mbps on ADSL which was miserable.) Hope this helps.. PS: Disclosure :The only commercial ties I have to Aussie Boradband is that I have to pay my NBN bill monthly...
  5. 187 Visa Processing Time

    http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/australia-requests-a-period-of-transition-on-new-indian-tariff-20171228-p4yy2x.html It was reported that the Australian Agriculture minister was flying to India to try and convince the Indian government to allow a transition period so that these new taxes wouldn't affect pre-existing orders as farmers and relevant industries would be affected and crops etc had been harvested... I feel for the farmers and exporters and everyone else involved in the industry as it's not their fault...but lives and crops and incomes will be affected if India decides to stick to the new regulations on the taxes... Similar situation with all those people who've moved to Australia based on existing regulations and jobs that were needed and are being told the rules have changed. It feels different when the shoe's on the other foot doesn't it?...So have some compassion...you never know when you're going to need it yourself.
  6. Jan 2018 Changes to eligible skilled occupation lists

    Thanks for that clarification barker. Never knew that bit about a doctor in training being able to use the ANZSCO code of the specialty.
  7. Jan 2018 Changes to eligible skilled occupation lists

    Thanks for the update Pom Queen. Resident Medical Officers which are essentially entry-level doctors have been moved to the short-term skilled occupation list. The only other specialist doctor category in the short term list is anaesthetists. Interesting..Not sure what the visa implications of that will be.
  8. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi 420dream, I wouldn't apply for another credit card yet. Previously when I applied and got rejected, the kind customer service agent advised not to apply again for a while as the rejections end of on your credit report and if you have too many, it can affect your credit rating. But perhaps, discuss with your bank where your account is based and see if they have some advice. Perhaps request for a low credit limit 1st. Just some thoughts.. But,, having a phone plan and paying the bills regularly does help your credit rating when you're ready to apply.
  9. Hi, We applied in April 2017 for 187 RSMS DE, RCB approval was in early April. PR approval received at the end of Aug 2017. Employer/Sponsor : Queensland Govt. I know it is frustrating. It was for us too, as we had no idea at all. Checking immi account 3-4/day sometimes. Be strong guys...hoping for the best for everyone. Good luck,
  10. Thanks Tulip1...that’s reassuring.
  11. Thanks for the reply Westly. Wasn’t sure if I had to do more to provide proof.
  12. Which Visa is for me?

    Hi Brit27, I'm no expert, but you're young and you've got experience working in the emergency services. Perhaps retraining to be a paramedic/nurse might be an option. It'll cost money, but you've got family support in WA. And there seems to be a shortage in those 2 professions (again, I'm no expert) and if you are able to get a job after your course, that might be a route to you reuniting with your family. Just something for you to think about... Good luck!
  13. Hi everyone, Just a quick question if I may... How does one prove the total number of children for the Balance-of-Family Test? Say I have 3 siblings, each of us has a birth certificate with our parent's names on them and our parents have their birth certificates. Do we just submit the birth certificates of the 3 children? How do they know there isn't a 4 or 5th child somewhere (not that there is) . I'm just wondering how we prove this? It's not like there is a family register that we can include to prove that there's only the 3 of us. Do I provide a statutory declaration in addition to the birth certificates? The other bits about where we live is easy as 2 of us live in Australia and the other is back home. I couldn't find much on the spanking new "www.homeaffairs.gov.au" website (I kept looking for the older www.border.gov.au site in Google...but you get re-directed anyway). Thanks in advance... Justus.
  14. Subclass 804

    Hi Mis, Sent you a PM..
  15. 600 Visa second year

    Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. Yes, the new parent visa may be the best option once it's announced.