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    Kidney Partner Visa "GRANTED"

    The purpose of this post is to give hope to those who is going through the same situation as me. To be honest I am no qualify nor I have the experience the answer your queries. You need to talk to George Lombard. Also, please do yourself a favor and don't do this on your own, you best bet is with the professional. I made a stupid once, thought that I can do this on my own and have my wife's visa rejected. I learned the hard way, please don't make the same mistake as I did.
  2. Hi all, Please mind my English as it is my second language. I want to write this post for those who are or will going through the same situation as me, that there are still hope having your Visa granted even with your disabilities. My wife's visa was rejected in August 2015 due to her Kidney Transplant. The reasons for are listed below: 1) She will be a burden to Australia, costing $350,000 over 40 years (this include medicines, visit to the doctor, using all the benefits that a normal Australian entitle to). Don't try to argue that you won't use all the benefits, the DIAC have to take all the potential costs into consideration. 2) When her kidney rejected, she will take Australian Kidney making the waiting line for even longer. 3) There are no compelling or/and compassionate reason why she has to move to Australia to be with me, I can move to Vietnam to be with her. 4) There are no guarantee that my wife will be contribute anything to Australia as her level of education is only at year 12 and her English is limited. After I found out my wife visa got rejected, I have done lots of research and found George Lombard Consultancy to be my representative for my Administrative Appeal Tribunal. I have done a mistake not using an agent for my wife visa, I have underestimate its complexity. If got your Visa rejected, please don't think you can Appeal yourself. Trust me, I'm glad to ask George Lombard Consultancy for help otherwise my wife would not be here in Australia. I'm sorry I can't disclose any of my argument publicly. However, I'll try to answer you as much as I can privately.