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  1. JD3006

    Self employed 189 application

    at the time of applying for my 489 I was self employed ( for 7 years ) my biggest tip would be to get all your paperwork sorted before you get your skill assessed by the governing body that over sees your particular skill. you will need degree cert and transcript, tax returns, business registration, invoices, client testimonials, a signed letter from your accountant, and proof that it was indeed a full time job which will be shown through various things like tax return, bank statements, expenses, proof of work. with your "obtaining previous tax returns" question your accountant should be able to supply those no problem. if you did the tax yourself you should have these as record ( I think you have to keep them for up to 5 years ) if not, a call to the tax office should put you straight and past returns can be mailed to you. the skill assessment can take up to 2 months to complete so bare that in mind when your planning to get the application started as you will need this first in order to apply. Since moving over to Australia I have since stopped being self employed and gone full time employed as it will help me when I come to apply for the PR. possibly a thought for you? P.S if like me your uni degree isn't in the skill field your work is actually in. you can use another degree along as it is within a related field. for me Camera Operator and film editor, my degree was in Illustration. so being an Art/media degree it was related, so speak with the assessing body to see if you need to do it that way. If your job didn't need a uni degree such as a trade skill, other things can be used. Apprenticeship program, collage corse etc etc - speak to the assessing body. And as always said on here... speak to a certified Visa Agent for advice.
  2. JD3006

    Tasmania state nomination received

    no nothing yet, I submitted a few weeks after you so hopefully I will hear soon. as we are close to the financial year iam hoping to hear something soon.
  3. JD3006

    489 Tasmania regional Visa

    I'm currently living in Tasmania (launceston) on my bridging visa until my 489 skilled regional visa arrives. (been waiting since November) as said above employment here is a bit hard to come by, I was fortunate enough to have a skilled job (camera operator and film editor) that not many people can do in Tasmania. And with a heavy CV with 10 years worth of history In the field with BBC and Discovery credits I was able to be head hunted by WIN network. So very lucky there. If you do plan on coming over try and find a job beforehand. If your coming over to study. You will also be required to have a certain amount of money in the bank to support you and you will also be restricted on how many hours you can work. So bare that in mind when you calculate your living costs. It is a lovely state and I'm so glad to be here and I wish you all the luck in getting down here. The north has a lot to offer and is also cheaper to live. FYI
  4. JD3006

    Tasmania state nomination received

    im still waiting. think I submitted 2 weeks after you... so im using you as a time guide ha. hopefully will be soon.
  5. JD3006

    489 Visa Gang

    Im not a visa agent but im pretty sure as you are the main applicant the rules mainly apply to you, so if you get a 489 that gives you 4 years in Aus, after 2 years have lapsed you can apply then for a PR visa. for that you will have to prove you have lived in the sate you were nominated by and that you have also worked 1 year full time with in the 2 years of 489. you can travel whilst on a 489 but bare in mind the proof of living and working in the state for (x) amount of time in order to get a PR visa. hope that helps. best contacting a visa agent to discuss your options.
  6. JD3006

    489 Visa Gang

    Thanks for your reply Sreeja. I applied on 3rd Nov, 2017. CO contacted me on 13th Jan for additional documents. Still waiting for the grant. But its alright with me because I'm on shore. im surprised I haven't heard from a CO yet since I applied only 10 days after you and you heard from your CO in Jan ?
  7. JD3006

    Where to rent in Melbourne

    I rented in Flemington. close to train for a short ride into the CBD very nice and upcoming area.
  8. JD3006

    Immi Account doc requests that don't seem right

    thanks for the insight Raul.
  9. JD3006

    Immi Account doc requests that don't seem right

    I have not had a specific request for them. as I haven't had a CO assigned. just that they are on the Immi Account. just checking if its just a formality that they are on there as suggested by Barker. what was a simple question has turned into grilling me about claiming points that shouldn't have, which is 100% not the case at all.
  10. JD3006

    Immi Account doc requests that don't seem right

    thanks for the helpful response. at the moment everything is orange icons for "recommended" I was just checking if this was the case as when I get a CO I want it all the be 100%
  11. JD3006

    Immi Account doc requests that don't seem right

    I carried out plenty of research when I filled out the application. I have in no way ever suggested or filled in any application that I have adopted my fiancé or that she has been adopted in any way, so can't see why there is a section for this. I have never claimed the points for English for my self or for my partner. so can see why there is a section I have taken and passed my medical so can't see why there is a section to upload such a document when it says on my immi account "All health examinations required for the specified visa subclass have been finalised. Processing of this person's visa application can now continue." so unsure as to why these sections are on my immi account. for reference since im being asked if I claimed for my English to get 70/60 489 skilled regional visa - 10 points aged 25-32 - 30 points competent English via passport - 0 points Aus qualifications - 0 points highest education degree - 15 points professional year program - 0 points overseas work experience 8 years + - 15 points Aus work experience less than 1 - 0 points partner skills - 0 points designated language - 0 points adds up to 70/60
  12. JD3006

    Immi Account doc requests that don't seem right

    I haven't claimed the language points or claimed points for my partner. Still scoring 70 points. My main question is if I haven't claimed for them why is there a section for me to upload a result. Is this normal for all immi accounts ? Do I need to upload my passport under that section. Also any idea on the other requests such as custody proof for my fiance? Basically my question is are all these document request just standard for apearing on all immi accounts and not tailored for your specific application.
  13. JD3006

    Immi Account doc requests that don't seem right

    Sorry it was 70 points I got and I didn't claim the points. This is for a 489 Tasmania.
  14. Hi I have submitted all docs I have to the my Immi account but there are a few requests that dont seem right. do I just ignore them until a CO is added ?( submitted 13 Nov ) it asks for the following Health, evidence of - I have completed and passed my medical, and its states that under the medical section of the Immi account. I have no documents to load as its auto completed?. Language eligibility - I scored the necessary points having a UK passport for the language side of things. so didn't need a IELTS for my application ( scored 75). Aus Qualifications evidence - never studied in Australia. or does this mean my Skill Assessment ? ( evidence of this was given for the application ) And on my partners it asks for the same as above but with an added Custody of Evidence - she's 30 and I haven't adopted her.. Are these just formalities or genuinely needed ? I have phoned DIBP and they are less than helpful. thanks