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  1. JD3006

    489 to 887 job change..

    Oooh in for a wait then. will be worth it when it arrives. All my family are permanent residents so just looking to be able to stay with them all.
  2. JD3006

    489 to 887 job change..

    When did you submit? I sent mine in Sept 30 2020.
  3. JD3006

    489 to 887 job change..

    They changed again! I feel like each few weeks they keep going up! They’ve been assessing visas submitted before September 2020 for what feels like a year now thanks for the info on the job front. It’s definitely a opportunity I can’t miss.
  4. JD3006

    489 to 887 job change..

    Hey there. I’ve been on my 489 for nearly 4 years and I’ve been working in a job that my skill is based on. I have a visa in for an 887 and should hear something in the next 4 months (according to their 22 month wait times) now I’ve just been offered a job that isn’t in my skill but it’s a great opportunity and it’s within state government. now I know that I never had to have a job in the skill as I can’t find any wording in my visa that required it and to verify for the 887 I only had to be fully employed for 2 years in the 4 years visa as well as other criteria .. (I’ve been employed since day one to now so nearly 4 years) so my question is if I take this job and change job skills could it have a negative effect on my 887? im close to the end but also can’t give up this opportunity cheers.
  5. JD3006

    887 visa

    makes sense as I'm "onshore" and was granted a bridging visa pretty much straight away that comes into effect if the waiting period extends and my 489 runs out.
  6. JD3006

    887 visa

    haha i too need to add the year. applied Sep 30 2020
  7. JD3006

    887 visa

    I am also waiting on my 887 submitted September 30 so hopefully wont be too long... current wait time is 16 months. I am currently in Aus. did you apply directly for the 887 or have previously been on another visa? I have progressed from a 489 skilled regional.
  8. JD3006

    PR visa processing times keep changing.

    currently on a 489 and residing in Australia. Applied for a 887
  9. Hi all I applied for my PR 12 months ago, and every time I log into my IMMI account to check if anything has changed the processing times keep shifting and is now 15-16 months.. has anyone recently been granted their PR and how long was the process time for you. thanks * I know Covid is playing its role.
  10. this is the section from the application - so from what I can see I said No to assistance. unless I've made a mistake somewhere.
  11. thanks for that link, that makes sense now
  12. im not sure? I will have to go back over my application
  13. Hi all I have attached all the required documents to my 887 application but there are a few that don't make sense or don't seem to be connect to us as applicants * I am filing the application myself and not using an agent as I did for my skilled 489. * But it is asking for - Form 956 - Advice by a registered migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance Form 956a - Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient. I've read the details on the forms and I'm confused as to who it relates to or who if anyone I need to appoint as migration advisor? also its asking my wife for - Custody, evidence of Language, ability evidence of we have no children and had non listed on our application so cant provide a "custody form" and we scored enough points on our 489 skilled to not need the English test and our passport (UK passport) counted towards some of it (cant remember the point allocation now) so why just her for this document and why does she need it for the 887 and not 489? I have seen and been told that migration often request documents that aren't related and to ignore them, but I just need to check before I commit to that stance. thanks for all the help.
  14. JD3006

    Form 80 travel history

    Sorry was mainly thinking Northern Ireland and you don’t need a passport for that. such a pain that my passport was not stamped for some of the trips
  15. JD3006

    Form 80 travel history

    Yeah I guess when you sign it your are saying that “it is the the best of my knowledge” im not even sure how they check it as there would be no records on my passport of a EU trip I would of used a driver licence. also asks for details of previous passports but they have been destroyed on receiving a new one?