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  1. 1221 form question?

    Hi we are filling in our documents on our immi account, me being the primary visa applicant (489) and my fiancé being a dependant. she has a section to upload a 1221 form ( I don't ). its not been requested but the option is there to upload one, so we thought just get it filled out ready. one of the questions ( Q 34 ) is - Only complete the section relevant to you have applied for a visitor visa have applied for a buissness visa have applied for a migration visa are a student, acedemic, researcher or fellow now I have been sponsored on a 489 state sponsorship. does she fill in this section or not as technically non of these apply since she is a dependant or is it the Migration visa selection. Also Q44 Are there any other details you would like taken into consideration? this sounds like a optional question? or if not what sort of details are they looking for? many thanks for your help.
  2. Painter going to oz for work

    I came over on a WHV and have now been sponsored by a state.. believe me its a long process not to mention expensive. I just about got my visa sponsored by the state before I ran out of time. If you do come on a WHV do your 3 month regional as soon as you get here.. that way you can extend your WHV for an extra year to sort it out if you want to stay. your right Melbourne is crazy expensive but all major cities are here. just don't blow your wod going out every night haha.
  3. Issues on Immi Account

    Hi all Just seeing if anyone else is having issues uploading documents to their Immi Account ? I load the document and press the confirm button.. little spinning wheel.. goes back to main screen and no docs attached ? Ive tried it on Safari, Chrome and Firefox all with the same results. I was able to load one last night but not today for some reason. Cheers
  4. Bridging Visa.. Need Help

    Another update I have received my bridging visa that has no working restrictions so all good now.. shipping booked to Tas from Vic and all is a GO ! Just waiting on medical etc, so the quest continues.
  5. Tasmania state nomination received

    I just paid my $5500 last night. So hopeully the ball is rolling. I just hope that I can apply for jobs through my bridging visa since it can take up to 3-6 months as I've seen jobs in Tas that fill my skill and I'm more than qualified for. My bridging visa has no work restrictions. Im so glad it' all coming together now.
  6. Where do I stay in Melbourne?

    I moved to flemington when I arrived. Easy to get into town and prices arnt too bad, currently paying 350 per week for a 1 bed flat brand new build. Real nice place and across the road from the train station. Has been perfect for the last 11 months of working in the city.
  7. Bridging Visa.. Need Help

    Just to update this thread I'e been assigned a case officer!
  8. Bridging Visa.. Need Help

    Yes I'm aware of the tight timescale.. believe me. I was just checking if there was some way to extend the visa a few months to save me either having to sell all my posesions here to move back home to possibly get an invite a week later and having to move back. Maybe a possibility would be to fly out of the country and just re enter on a holiday visa and stay with family in tasmania whilst its waiting for a decision? Would that option effect anything. Visa agents arnt interested in helping as I already have a application in and don't want to give advise for somehing they can' charge for.
  9. Bridging Visa.. Need Help

    I lodged my EOI 2 months ago and had applied for the Tasmanian 489 6 weeks ago. Run down of how it went - Lodged our EOI for Tasmania 489 2 months ago - Company I was working for in Victoria offered me a job and willing to sponsor me. - Put my application to Tasmania on hold as advised it would be diffcult to swap application mid way through. If work sponsorship in vic worked out. - Company failed the check list for sponsorship - Applied to Tasmania 489 6 weeks ago and advised it will take 2 to 8 weeks. - Have till end of November till my current visa (working holiday) expires. - Checking my options to apply for a bridging visa in case the invitation from Tasmania takes more than the 8 weeks they mention. And here I am today. Hope that helps.
  10. Bridging Visa.. Need Help

    Thanks I'm week 6 into their 2 to 8 week decision period that they stated on the application response email. I'e seen other folk receive a decision around the 7 week time zone so hopeully it will come through any day. Thanks for clearing it up for me. And to clarify I can't apply for a bridging visa seperatly? As I've seen this on the Gov website and is a little confusing when I had a look at the options. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Appl/bridging-visas Thanks
  11. Bridging Visa.. Need Help

    Hi rammygirl I have indeed lodged an application for Tasmania 489 and received confirmation from them of the application. I have not yet been accepted and provided a case officer. Are you saying I automaticall get a bridging visa from the time I sent in my application or I get it after I have been accepted and provided a case officer. Thanks
  12. Bridging Visa.. Need Help

    Hi Maggie Thanks for the swift reply. I didn' notice any bridging visa form when I applied and got my email from Tasmania saying "thanks for applying we will contact you via email if accepted etc etc. I have my EOI in and an application to Tasmania 489 that I'm yet to hear back on. I'm still within the 2-8 weeks period (currently week 6) waiting for a decision. Do you mean I'm automaticaly granted one when I applied or when they accept and i have been issued a CO. Thanks
  13. Hi Im currently waiting to hear back on a current Visa application for a 489 State Visa for Tasmania. Im running out of time on my current visa ( working holiday ) which has a month left. ( I do not have second year and can not get one ) I have gone through to the Bridging Visa application on the DIBP website and it asks for application > visa type.. now is this asking what I have currently applied for or will it start a new application as I'm worried about messing up the current 489 one. Any Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Unmarried couple

    I've been saying this since my first post. I didn't want her to get told no by users on here and just give up as it will be a NO from the Visa. if you don't try you don't succeed ! there is no harm in chasing it up with a agent who is qualified to tell you what to do, not a user on a forum. this is a great place for advice but no way should be substituted for what an agent actually does. I was in no way offering false hope, I simply supplied her with the list of documents that she needs to supply as many of as she could, as stated by the gov website. its down to her and possibly her agent to go through this list and see what is feasible to supply. no one else offered this but instead said that she wont be able to get it. unless these users are in fact visa agents they should make that clear on their profile. good luck on your journey and I hope in some way you find an answer.
  15. Unmarried couple

    what I meant is the agent can offer advise as to what to supply as evidence. as you don't have to be married to be named a partner on the visa. there could be some other piece of evidence other than shared address and bank? so instead of saying it wont work maybe lets offer some help and share some info that they might of missed. for example this list from the gov website https://www.border.gov.au/visas/supporting/Pages/partner/Proof-that-your-relationship-genuine.aspx Proof that your relationship is genuine and continuing As many of the following documents as possible: a statement about your relationship that describes: how, when and where you first met how the relationship developed when you became engaged or married, if applicable joint activities periods of separation significant events in the relationship your future plans together. documents that show you and your partner share financial responsibilities, for example: mortgage or lease documents showing joint ownership or rental of property loan documents of major assets such as homes, cars or major appliances in both names joint bank accounts household bills in both names documents that show that you and your partner share household responsibilities, for example: a statement about the way housework is distributed household bills in both names mail or emails addressed to both of you joint responsibility for children your living arrangements documents that show your relationship is known by others, for example: joint invitations, going out together, friends and acquaintances in common proof that you and your partner have declared your relationship to government bodies, commercial or public institutions proof of joint sporting, cultural or social activities proof of joint travel. documents to show you are committed to each other your long term relationship, for example: knowledge of each other’s personal circumstances such as background and family situation. You could tell us this at an interview. documents that show you have combined your personal matters the terms of your wills letters and phone bills that show you have been in contact when apart. as I said before maybe speak to a visa agent who can advise.