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  1. JD3006

    887 application with odd document requests?

    this is the section from the application - so from what I can see I said No to assistance. unless I've made a mistake somewhere.
  2. JD3006

    887 application with odd document requests?

    thanks for that link, that makes sense now
  3. JD3006

    887 application with odd document requests?

    im not sure? I will have to go back over my application
  4. Hi all I have attached all the required documents to my 887 application but there are a few that don't make sense or don't seem to be connect to us as applicants * I am filing the application myself and not using an agent as I did for my skilled 489. * But it is asking for - Form 956 - Advice by a registered migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance Form 956a - Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient. I've read the details on the forms and I'm confused as to who it relates to or who if anyone I need to appoint as migration advisor? also its asking my wife for - Custody, evidence of Language, ability evidence of we have no children and had non listed on our application so cant provide a "custody form" and we scored enough points on our 489 skilled to not need the English test and our passport (UK passport) counted towards some of it (cant remember the point allocation now) so why just her for this document and why does she need it for the 887 and not 489? I have seen and been told that migration often request documents that aren't related and to ignore them, but I just need to check before I commit to that stance. thanks for all the help.
  5. JD3006

    Form 80 travel history

    Sorry was mainly thinking Northern Ireland and you don’t need a passport for that. such a pain that my passport was not stamped for some of the trips
  6. JD3006

    Form 80 travel history

    Yeah I guess when you sign it your are saying that “it is the the best of my knowledge” im not even sure how they check it as there would be no records on my passport of a EU trip I would of used a driver licence. also asks for details of previous passports but they have been destroyed on receiving a new one?
  7. JD3006

    Form 80 travel history

    I can find photos but on some of the trips I didn’t plan or pay for them. As it was a work trip of a past employer that no longer operates.. so won’t know the exact entry and departure.
  8. JD3006

    Form 80 travel history

    Hi, currently filling out my F80 for my perm res app. in relation to the travel history. In the UK when it was in the EU you didn’t need to use a passport. So I don’t have any history in my passport of those trips. Also don’t have any written down anywhere.. 10 years ago I didn’t have this plan so recording things like that wasn’t on my mind. I I’ve all the major international trips ok. what if I can’t remember all the trips? cheers
  9. JD3006

    Citizenship Application Withdraw

    if you need to reapply for "reasons" you could amend your current application which you will have to give the reasons for. I'm saying this as I've seen this option on my 489 and PR apps so could be different for CITZ
  10. JD3006

    Ongoing medical conditions - affecting visas??

    for me I have a chronic illness which is Chrones Disease that I require a fair bit of meds for usually the future holds a trip to the hospital to have bowl removed which at the time I hadn't had, I was asked about surgery at my assessment but I passed the medical and got my visa. 4 years into living in Aus I had that surgery in spectacular fashion as it nearly killed me and I was rushed into surgery. I now have a nifty 13 inch scar up my stomach. I believe because at the time of the assessment I was on pills, if i was on the injections for Chrones it would of put me over the threshold for anyone applying with that illness.
  11. Hi all I submitted and paid for my perm visa from a 489 and need to start attaching docs ( I am filling the app out myself like I did for the 489) I've been asked to attach.. Form 956A Appointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient Form 956 Advice by a migration agent/exempt person are these normal for a self application as I ticked the box stating I was not using an agent, I do have a family sponsor that I used for the 489 is this related to that? cheers
  12. JD3006

    visa place of issue

    Hi all I am filling out my permanent visa app as I've past the 2 year 1 work year requirements from my 489. on the application it asks where my visa was issued. now I applied in Melbourne and it was granted whilst I was resident of Tasmania ( regional skill visa) on the actual visa it doesn't state what office it was issued from? or does it go by state of application, I've also checked VEVO with no office of issue stated? many thanks JD
  13. Please remove the above post The answer was in front of me the whole time.. its been a long day. apologies JD
  14. Hi all Its been a while since I have been on here since I had my 489 granted two years ago, I am at the point now where I have completed 2 years of my visa with 1 years full time work (min) as stated in the 887 Permanent Residency visa application so I am eligible to apply. As I am filling out the form its asking for - Accompanying members of your family unit Non accompanying members of your family unit Other family members where do I include my brother and my parents considering that they all hold there own Permanent Residency Visas ( brother moved over 7 years ago, parents 1 year ago so separate visas) I though they would fall under "Non accompanying members of your family unit" as they are not accompanying me here, but since they are listed as residents of Australia within the details given, It gave me the error of - "Our records indicate that family unit member may be an Australian permanent resident. Australian permanent residents are not eligible to use this service. Please check and re-enter details. You will not be able to include family unit member as an accompanying or non accompanying dependant in this application. Please record their details as an other family member. For further or assistance please contact and office of this department" Does this mean I leave them out of this part of the visa or do they fall under another category of whats listed. Many Thanks JD
  15. JD3006

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    I was recently granted mine My timeline was - Arrived in Australia November 2016, living in Melbourne on a Working Holiday Visa, me and my fiance Vetasses carried out in June 2017 and passed 4th August for 8 years skill in Film and Video Editing. Applied for 489 in August 2017 with 70/60 points 489 accepted by Tasmania November 6th 2017 and granted a Bridging visa with a week left on the working holiday visa Moved to Tasmania in December Medical carried out In December ( passed with Crohns disease ) Case officer contacted June 2018 Visa granted 2 week ago July 2018natly When I called the department to check waiting times when my employer wanted to extend my contract I was told the wait times for 489's was increased and would defiantly take up to 8 months possibly longer rather than the 6 that used to be advertised.