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  1. djsle

    Bankruptcy in NZ

    Thanks, Rammygirl.
  2. djsle

    Bankruptcy in NZ

    Please no moral high grounders. Been in OZ a year, the stuff has hit the fan & I may well have to go bankrupt in NZ, my wife has to have surgery, she has not yet got her visa and therefore we will have to pay a large proportion of her op' through her medical insurance, we are trying to save for this but it's difficult, so the question is, as a bankrupt can only have a limited amount of savings, how can anyone save for this eventuality? Can the NZ insolvency service access all your bank accounts here? In other words could my wife save for her op' seperately without it being taken? Thank you.
  3. djsle

    Health Insurance for a 461 visa

    Hi, Can anyone give me an idea of a competitive health insurance company for my wife who is coming with me to Oz on a 461 Visa, she is 68. Also what level of cover is required, she is on a British passport. Thanks.
  4. djsle

    Visitors Visa Question

    Hi Maggie, Thank you so much for the post. We have had a look on the OZ Govt Immigration site and it looks as though you are correct, so I suppose my Wife would go on a 12 month visitors visa, e600 then apply from oz?
  5. djsle

    Visitors Visa Question

    OK Collie, Much appreciated, Thanks.
  6. djsle

    Visitors Visa Question

    Hi Collie, I think I mean 457 visa. No family in Oz. We don't expect it to be easy, but forever hopefull. Do you know the answer regarding the e600 visa I mentioned before? Thanks for your reply
  7. Hi Everyone, My/Our first post here. I am a pom living in NZ with NZ citizenship, my wife also a pom living in NZ with an NZ Resident Visa, NOT permanent, we are 66 & 68 respectively, we would like to retire in Oz but don't have the capital required and my wife has a long time before she can get citizenship here. So 2 questions, first, the e600 visitors visa, with that could my wife stay for 12 months straight, or would she have to leave and return every 3 months? Secondly I may have a job to go to in Oz and they may be willing to sponsor me, would that mean my wife as well? Or is there any other way we could get to settle there? ( OOps, that's 3 questions!:) Thank you all.