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  1. Gazobrien08

    Vetasses technical interview Chef

    Hi so i went for technical interview it was 2 hours long from 2pm to 4 pm i got ask 57 questions about everything in cheffing my biggest weakness is pastries i am terribly i could not remember how you make certain pastry as i did about 13 years ago in college any hows i came out of the interview thinking i had failed due to not remembering about pastry so for about a week and a half i was sick as a dog with worries i got the phone call from my immigration lawyer saying i had passed my skills assessment i was delighted here's were i got annoyed so i did my test on the 7th of August i got out of the test center at 4 pm they sent the certificate on the very same day i did my test which is very strange looks like they just tick boxs if you look at the sheet i got C on everything which means competent even on pastries which I couldn't remember a thing anyways I am delighted hopefully this will help a lot of people.
  2. Gazobrien08

    Vetasses technical interview Chef

    Okay my name is Gary i have a vetassess technical interview tomorrow 7th of August I have been a chef nearly 13 year's and I am nervous about what's going to happen i know i should relax and study a little bit but my mind wonders the worst anyways since I can't find any help anywhere about anyone doing a vetassess technical interview i will give an update after i finish my one so I can let chef's know what to expect when they go in any hows wish me luck i keep yous posted.