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  1. I'm looking into registering my relationship in Queensland so that I have more documentation for the 309 visa. Has anyone done this? It says online that you need to take it to a justice of peace with your partner, however I'm offshore so I can't do this. Is there anyway we can register when we're in different countries?
  2. Millie

    Documents for partner visa (309)

    It says visit a justice of peace with your partner. Do we both have to be present? We're in different countries
  3. Millie

    Documents for partner visa (309)

    Yes, I moved on a working holiday visa but I moved back because he got into the Queensland police academy in Townsville which is a 17 hour drive from where we lived. He lives in the academy accomodation so obviously I can't live with him because they don't allow that. I've moved back in the meantime because I won't see him anyway because of the distance and I wanted to see family. The tourist visa only allows me to be in the country for 3 months at a time and it seems like everyone gets rejected if they have a partner in Australia. He lives in Queensland, can you register there?
  4. Millie

    Documents for partner visa (309)

    I know there are special circumstances, so I've been in the UK for a month now, in another month we would be in a de facto relationship for 12 months. My partner is in the police academy so he has to live on site, therefore I can't live with him but I can prove that we're in contact
  5. Millie

    Documents for partner visa (309)

    We have salary slips that go to the same address and our bank statements do too. My drivers license is British so no. Do you think this is enough evidence? It's a lot of money to through away if it isn't
  6. I've been looking into the de facto visa documentation, I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and lived with him and his family for 10 months, we can prove we paid rent and that we are both on the car insurance and money transfers between our banks but we don't really have any other household or financial documentation. Do you think this will be or problem or do you have any other ideas that I could use for this documentation?
  7. It took less than 2 months?! Wow! What was the process like and did you have any problems? Thanks a lot!
  8. I know their website says 13-19 months but I know a lot of people say they're not accurate. I don't want to have to wait that long if it is the case because I won't be able to see my partner. I tried looking at the visitor visa so that I could apply onshore but it looks like that visa has a no further stay condition. How long does the Partner Visa take to be granted offshore and are there any other options so that I can apply onshore?
  9. Millie

    What visa is best for visiting my partner?

    I'd be applying about 6 months after the 417 ends. I'm British and only been to Australia on that visa. What kind of ties to the UK must you have for them to approve the application?
  10. I've recently returned home after my working holiday visa but would like to go back at some point. My partner is a permanent resident and I would like to live out there with him for up to 12 months. I've looked into the visitor visa but it looks like a lot of people get declined so I'm not feeling to confident about it. What visa would be best for this?
  11. My boyfriend has permanent residency in Australia, I went out there with him for 9 months on a working holiday visa and have recently returned. I want to go back at some point for up to 12 months on the Long Stay Visitor Visa (600£ Will they grant it to me and can I apply for permanent visas once the visitor visa ends? Also are there any other visa that I could do this with?