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  1. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Hi Ssiri I left the UK in 2014. I'm not expecting the UK to magically solve all issues and somehow be a perfect life. I want my family around. I want to be able to see them often and to have them near while my child is small. I think that's a trade off thats worth it for having to exchange for all the crappier parts of the UK compared to Aus. I have no family pressure whatsoever and never have. In hindsight we should have gone to the UK straight from leaving Canada instead of to Aus. I think husband is coming around to the idea. He has initiated a couple of conversations and sorting his passport application out. I really don't want to leave before the baby is born. I would only have a couple of months and I think it would make me more stressed. I would rather wait it out to see how I still feel after its born, and to have more money etc. I'm just gonna have to trust my husband
  2. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    On another note regarding my husband's claim to a British passport.. His parents never renounced British citizenship but they no longer hold British passports and haven't for many years. Does this mean husband cannot claim passport? Apparently he needs to supply both parents passport numbers as part of the passport application. I've looked and looked online but can't seem to find the answer to this?
  3. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Yes of course we discussed moving here a lot. I was very happy to come here and agreed at the time it sounded the best plan. I was very stressed before the move though and just put it down to nerves. Yes I won't deny we probably did underestimate what might happen. I never thought I would end up feeling like this and are probably fools in love. All we could focus on at that time was being together and thought that was the bee and end all.
  4. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Yes I've tried. He gets very defensive and makes it impossible for us to have a sit down rational adult discussion
  5. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Thankyou for posts guys I can't express how much I appreciate people in this forum taking the time to respond to a complete strangers problem like this . No I never considered it a permanent move away when I went to Canada, I ended up extending there longer than I otherwise would have because I met now- husband. Im not sure if my mental health is a concern? It really is just this whole issue of me being here and homesickness etc that is causing me problems - i don't know, does that make me mental? I fully understand the implications of the Hague convention, hence why I'am so stressed out now. It begins to feel like whatever choice I make will be the wrong one and an impossible decision. So sometimes I just want to stick my head in the sand
  6. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Hi I have read all posts and all points of views. I definitely do not want to go without my husband, I do want us to be a family. We have no relationship issues with each other except this. My husband has said he would give it a go in the future, just a bit down the line when we've got more cash etc. Then in his next sentence he will say ''but what about this or I don't think this or this will work etc'' which puts niggling doubts in my mind as to whether he really does have full intentions of giving it a go. Also he doesn't really seem to want to talk about it in detail or formulate any real sort of plan.
  7. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Well this is it, why I'am battling with myself. I'am seriously unhappy but I don't want him to end up being unhappy either. Ultimately it will have to boil down to who we think will cope the best. And I'am obviously not coping. I'm sad and miserable and can't just relax and enjoy my pregnancy and looking forward to having a baby as I have this constant fear hanging over me that I may end up never being able to move back home if husband turns round and says no.
  8. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Thankyou quoll, snifter. Yes I have my parents who said they would put us all up for however long needed ..it's just..you know no one likes the though of imposing on old parents and they will end up having to financially support us a while..theyre not millionaires they're retired pensioners living off their savings. But yes they are the best and have told me not to worry about that..... We also have a dog just to further complicate and cause me more stress.
  9. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Hi collie You're right it is about the child. But a baby won't care if it's brought up in the UK or Aus, it will know no difference. I do worry about the resentment aspect. But I resent being here in Aus too. Ultimately one of us is going to be unhappy whether we live here or there. Why should his wants trump mine? I only get one life too and I dont want to live here perpetually unhappy.
  10. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. No one seems to understand the seriousness of my situation all I get from friends back home is ''of course he'll come back with you, he's your husband!'' or ''what do you want to come back here for!?''. It's frustrating and makes me feel very alone. Thankyou for your insightful post Quoll . Yes my husband should be able to get a British passport, both his parents were born in England and can still hold British citizenship. Failing that he could get Ancestry visa. I just don't see how it's possible we could move there before the baby is born, I'm 4 months gone now and we literally only have around 9000Aud to our name and no assets to sell (we rent our house) I'm worried about how my husband would find a job there (he's a sparky) he'd have to try and get his qualifications swapped over etc too. I get what you're saying about the trust. Can I trust him to still be willing to move with me 12 mths down the line? Can we ever trust anybody 100%??? He says he would but who knows how he'll feel in a year when his child is here. I feel so stuck in a awful situation I don't even know my arse from my elbow right now.
  11. WaywardPom

    Tricky situation

    Hello everyone. I have been in Oz with Aussie husband since beginning of November last year. Before this I had been living in Canada since 2014 on WHV's (where I also met husband) I am however now pregnant (15 weeks) which we was and are very happy about. But I'm homesick, and I feel it's past that. I have anxiety and been struggling with chronic insomnia for months which I believe is all connected to the homesickness. To be honest I felt very unhappy like this the last few months in Canada but I thought that was due to not liking the particular city we had moved to there (Toronto) where beforehand had lived elsewhere in Canada. In hindsight we probably should have moved to UK first. But that's in hindsight!! I agreed Australia was the best place to go, I thought too it would be a better quality of life, husband could earn better etc etc But..but.. now I feel like this and it's all consuming. I know people will think it's hormones. But I think the pregnancy has really made me properly think about the long long term future. I want my parents in my life. I want them to have their grandchild in their life (their first grandchild, even though I'm the youngest of four at nearly 29) and I just want the British familiarity and everything that goes with it. Obviously husband is not keen at all and I understand that. He asks me what if I change my mind and want back to Aus. But I reply that won't happen as even if end up being unhappy in the UK it won't be more than what I am now. And nothing about here I will miss or regret. And at least I'd have my family/friends around me. I feel extremely down and in limbo about what to do. We don't have enough money saved to move any time soon. Yet I have the worry that once the baby has arrived husband may refuse to go give it a go in the UK (obviously I don't think he's like that but you never know) I'm just so sad and feel stuck in limbo and don't know what to do don't know why I'm posting.
  12. WaywardPom

    Aus to UK trade qualifications

    Hello. Just beginning to consider a move to the UK. Husband is Aussie never lived in the UK before. He is an electrician here by trade. Does anybody have any idea if he could realistically work as an electrician in England? As he would need to be our main earner too. Thanks!
  13. WaywardPom

    British Citizenship by descent

    Hey there guys, just wondering if anyone has any experience of the following. I'm British currently residing here in Aus with Aussie husband. Now I always thought he may have been able to register as British citizen by descent as both his parents were born in England but emigrated to Aus as child/teenager. Well I brought this up again recently as I thought it would be good to look into getting for him so we could have the option than to live in the UK together too if we wanted but he thinks his parents may have renounced their British citizenship? Now I'm not sure why they would do that (am not able to confirm this with them until next week) Does anybody know if years ago this is something they would have had to do to gain Aussie citizenship? (They're now in their mid to late 60's) Also if it turns out they can still hold a British passport does anybody know about the process. How long it would take, his chances etc? Thanks and sorry it all that was a bit confusing!
  14. Hi everyone. I came to Aus late last year with my Aussie husband and soon after applied for the partner visa and am now on bridging visa A. I have recently found out I'm pregnant and am now 13 weeks. Does anyone happen to know how I let immi know of this? Shall I just email them through my application account? Thanks!