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  1. Photos of Tasmania

    That's a beautiful place. My cousin lives here. She sent me many pics of beach, hills. But your pictures are very interesting.
  2. School Advice/Help! Please!

    Welcome to the forum first of all, the Lutheran schools are good. But if you are moving to Perth and kids are your main concern then search schools according to their interest.
  3. New Asian supermarket in Devonport!

    Great that's wonderful.
  4. Berwick schools

    The Groove school in Berwick is i got when i searched on google. But when you go there i hope your neighbors suggest you the best available school.
  5. How can I get a cold, lose it, then get it back again?

    I just got over a cold, and now it seems I've passed it along to my coworker. "If one’s coworker’s cold came from the same strain of the common cold virus, a rhinovirus, then one should be immune from that virus," That's because your body has built up antibodies and developed immunity against that particular strain of the virus..
  6. Rules Are Changed For Australia's Study Visa

    Sorry my mistake as, I wrote wrong code that is 500 for student visa but you can check on border.gov.au/trav/Visa-1/500 website where details of universities and requirements are written by Australia Government in document checklist tool page, If any doubts.
  7. Rules Are Changed For Australia's Study Visa

    Rules for Australia Study Visa (300) has Changed for India from 30 Sept,2017. Updated Rules are below: Australia Mark India as Rank 2 from Rank 3 so the new rules are as follows: Funds may not necessary to show: It is not necessary to show funds for applying Student Visa but you may have to show, as per according to your university. Because in some universities you have to show funds but some universities allow you to apply without funds but they can ask. Clear GTE Your IELTS/PTE score do not matter if you clear GTE i.e. Genuine Temporary Entrance. In this you are asked several questions like Why you choose the intended university? Why you want to study in Australia? Other rules are same like you have to submit college fees, submit COE, your identity etc.
  8. Education

    Okay sure I will take care of this next time.
  9. Education

    Okay but this happened with me. So that is why I am telling.
  10. Education

    Yes your daughter will get admission as International student. It is expected that fees will be high and there will be no student loans for her. Thanks Sukhwinder Singh LWEconsultant
  11. Agent recommendations?

    Okay, I was not aware of this. Sorry my mistake.
  12. Agent recommendations?

    Yes it is, but we keep this name as in India most of the people are obsessed with study visa. Thanks Sukhwinder Singh
  13. Agent recommendations?

  14. Visitor visa 600 to visit boyfriend

    You should go for temporary visitor visa because this will open the ways for PR in Australia. Thanks Sukhwinder Singh LWEconsultant.com
  15. Australias Top Universities