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  1. Taff

    Shippers, not recommended

    Hi Rammygirl, we, unfortunatly insured with the shipper.
  2. Taff

    harry and meghan

    Best of luck to the young couple, may they have a long and fruitful marriage. For a ranga that's not a bad pull. I wonder if they'll invite his dad to the wedding?
  3. Taff

    Going home

    Many thanks snifter. Two working days, and one "clearing my desk" day, a Saturday, (paid at overtime rates,) and I leave work. A week of doing sweet sod all, then head down and bum up getting returning to the UK organised.
  4. Taff

    Going home

    Well, this took a strange turn...
  5. Taff

    Going home

    Now down to my last 5 working days. I've been very flattered to the response of my colleagues to my leaving, but am committed and will go.The nice thing is that I will officially be on holiday for the first five weeks of my retirement, so will still have a wage coming in until mid-January. I'm still saying I'm retiring at 58, even though I will be 59 by the time of the actual retirement day!!The next month will be spent organising our move back to the UK..
  6. Taff

    Going home

    Just agreed to do an extra day at work. I'm not being magnanimous, it;'s a Saturday and it's being paid at overtime rates. So as of today I have 10 working days left.
  7. Taff

    Going home

    Will report back when it happens Beckfield.,
  8. Taff

    Going home

    Thanks Cal, it's dragging like hell now though... I fly back to Blighty on Jan 17th.,
  9. Taff

    Going home

    Now at 13 days of work left... Just saying....
  10. Taff

    Queuing things up.

    It is insured, but I will have to change that insurance to "unoccupied property" insurance. Thanks for the draining tip.
  11. Taff

    Dog stuff

    My thanks!!
  12. Taff

    Dog stuff

    How does one go about registering?
  13. Taff

    The weather ?

    Fair comment. In the main though, in the parts of Aus I have experienced over the past 16 years, wind, rain, storms, snow, all tend to be short lived, if intense, and then long periods of blue sky, sunshine, and bland hot weather is the norm.
  14. Taff

    The weather ?

    One of my main reasons for moving back to Blighty is the variety of weather we get there. I love the winds, rains, and storms. I find the weather in Aus bland.