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  1. Jelly

    Expression of Interest

    No chance with 80 points for 189 mate. 90 points for a 190 gives you a good chance though. This page is useful for invitation estimates: https://www.iscah.com/will-get-189-invite-updated-predictions/
  2. Jelly

    Secondary school teacher

    Why did it get rejected?
  3. Jelly

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    Chances with 80 points for a 189 are very, very slim. 491 would be your best bet if you qualify.
  4. Jelly

    NSW State application processing time

    No worries! It seems like most things are completely random when it comes to applying for visas
  5. Jelly

    NSW State application processing time

    That is not correct. The state nomination piece took 3 days. To make this clear: Waited 1 month after EOI submission to receive NSW invite. Waited 3 days for NSW to approve the nomination Currently waiting on visa decision
  6. Jelly

    NSW State application processing time

    190 NSW, 241111, 80 points. 3 days was the time taken for state nomination approval. Not the visa processing time.
  7. Jelly

    NSW State application processing time

    Mine took 3 days a few months ago.
  8. Jelly

    Applying for State Sponsor from other State

    Points: 75+5 ANZSCO: 241111
  9. Jelly

    Applying for State Sponsor from other State

    Correct. However, the original post in this thread specifically mentions NSW.
  10. Jelly

    Applying for State Sponsor from other State

    That's not correct. It may be the case for other states, but not for NSW. 2 months ago, I received NSW sponsorship for a 190 while living in QLD.
  11. Jelly

    Sydney vs Brisbane cost of living

    We would like to be able to buy a house/townhouse - not looking to raise kids in an apartment. We'd be looking to stay on the North Shore.
  12. Hi all We are considering whether to make the move from Brisbane to Sydney. We have no kids, but are looking to start a family soon. Can anyone who has lived in both cities comment on the difference in cost of living and quality of life between the 2 cities? Anyone who has lived in Sydney - are you able to comment on how expensive it is to live in Sydney? Thanks!
  13. Jelly

    Attach photo HELP

    Can you post a link/screenshot of where you found this information?
  14. Jelly

    457 visa nomination transfer time 2018

    Hi @Caps23 - my company used an immigration agent who handled the whole process.
  15. Thank you for the information