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  1. hi Ozzie, good luck with everything we love Brisbane/gold coast however didn't like Melbourne after starting off there and staying there for a year. I suppose it depends on what kind of lifestyle your after 😊
  2. Hi AlexJD, Thank you.! To be honest we just can't wait to get back. We had our first child over there before moving back to the uk where we ended up having our second child and the lifestyle over there compared to here well there's just no comparison. Brisbane/Gold Coast is wonderful in so many ways and just amazing for children. Good luck with everything for your move 😊
  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.! We have managed to find a great deal on air bnb. Thanks for all you advice 😊 Much appreciated.!
  4. That's great to know I'll have a look thank you.!
  5. Hey, just wondering if if anyone has any ideas on where's cheapest to stay when first arriving.? We lived in Brisbane for five years before returning to the uk in 2015 we are now ready to return to oz but now have two children. When we first moved we stayed with family in Melbourne but of course we don't want to live there we want to return to Brisbane/Gold Coast and don't have family to help out this time. We have been looking at air bnbs which can be reasonable but just wondering if anyone has any cheaper ideas.? Many Thanks in advance,