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  1. Loki Grundy

    187 Visa Processing Time

  2. Loki Grundy

    What Was Good About Your Day Today?

    The weather in Sydney is getting warmer and I am getting excited! Cannot wait for the summer to go kayaking on the rivers and the bays!
  3. Loki Grundy

    The real truth about spiders please!

    Spider - the scariest creature to me!
  4. Loki Grundy

    Lake Macquarie / Newcastle Area

    You can have a look at this website: http://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/Supercars/Residents
  5. Loki Grundy


    Not to assume all Australians but in my view, Australians are people of few words but they are open and direct. They are very down to earth and always mindful of not giving the impression that they think they are better than anyone else.
  6. Loki Grundy

    How to make my my abusive husband to leave me?

    Deciding to leave a violent relationship is a difficult decision and requires careful planning and support. Everyone has the right to respectful, loving relationships and no one should live in fear. Find supportive friends - talk to someone you trust. Do not try to cope alone. Contact a support group - they can offer you direct help through shared experiences. Make a safety plan - include emergency numbers, pack clothing/toiletries, important documents, medication etc in case you have to escape quickly. Contact the police - when you decide to leave – the police can be on standby when you leave to ensure your safety or if you need to return to collect possessions later on. See a doctor - if you are feeling anxious or depressed. Consider talking to a counsellor/psychologist about how the experience has affected you. Recognise your strengths - to create a more positive life. Your skills and abilities helped you leave an abusive relationship and are signs of your capability under intense pressure.
  7. Loki Grundy

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    beautiful sunset!
  8. Loki Grundy

    Melbourne to become unliveable

    Victorians deserve better than being squashed on a train, stuck in traffic for hours and paying more for electricity
  9. Loki Grundy

    Not enjoying new job

    Giving the situation some time is a good strategy if you believe that there is a decent chance you can make the job work. But once you make the firm decision to leave, the sooner you give your notice the better
  10. Loki Grundy

    Buying property in Australia - moneycorp

    great article!
  11. Loki Grundy

    Moving to Hobart - all advice welcome!

    Beautiful place!!!!
  12. Loki Grundy

    Uluru & Alice Springs

    Thank you for your advice. Will do
  13. Loki Grundy

    Uluru & Alice Springs

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
  14. Loki Grundy

    Uluru & Alice Springs

    My friends and I will visit Uluru this November, not sure which is the most transportation to travel around the area. Any ideas?