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  1. It's alright saying to yourself I'm gonna get x amount for my car when I bring it to OZ but a couple of things to remember base the price on what a dealership will buy it for because if it's worth a few quid people want used car dealership security. Even with remaining warrenty on a one year old Toyota FJ cruiser motor (bought in OZ) I couldn't sell it in the open market the only people ringing me was car dealers and they dont pay well. Also if it's a classic your importing there's a good market or was in the boom times. If it's a just a standard motor why would anyone buy it there's a risk parts may need to be imported.. I'd take a standard car to OZ if I planned to run it as long as I could and didn't want to buy a car in OZ. Plus if your taking anything like a luxury car BMW they can hit you with a luxury car tax. They base it on what the car originally cost not what it's worth in the UK today or what you paid for it in the UK I. E second hand price..
  2. Warning, Warning. Do NOT move to Perth.

    Lol i bet the majority of you on here were never part of the boom anyway. Chances are you worked in Perth on standard wages while people like me worked in the boom times making the big cash. And guess what you lot all survived on standard Perth wages so don't get carried away trying to put people of coming to Perth.
  3. Perths Job Market

    There is not going to be a - construction mining boom. The sites are built operational need few staff and there is not enough demand from China i.e iron ore worth sod all
  4. Moving to Bunbury Western Australia

    If work is important then dont go there. I know a fair few people from there and they all work FIFO
  5. Perths Rental Market

    Why would it stabilise? There is no one up North working.. There in Perth working if there lucky in a hotel or shop working for a pittance
  6. 12 month update

    You husband out of work for a year and you spend 680k on a house in Perth when you didn't even live near a city in the UK, are you mad? You could of got a 3x2 for half the money for the sake of a thirty minute trip on a train into the CBD. Hope your jobs are secure..
  7. Butler Perth Wa

    I used to live up there, your 50 mins on a train to the cbd.. Nothing that major. Fair few Brits in Butler. Great beaches in Joondalup/Quinns Rock and your pretty close to Yanchep Lagoon - the only safe place in Perth to swim without shark netting. Joondaulup is 10 min down the road, which has the best shopping centre in the state.. Nice new house on the whole, fairly priced at the moment.