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  1. Got an Invitation to apply 189 visa.

    Hey, It took around 5 weeks for the CO to be assigned if I remember correctly. As soon at the CO was assigned things moved along very quickly.
  2. Got an Invitation to apply 189 visa.

    It should be yes. You can always call up just to justify. They can't expect everyone to keep years and years of pay slips. If you have a few end of tax year forms from a few years back it wouldn't hurt to upload those as well. Once you get assigned a CO if they want more evidence they will just ask for a bit more. They won't just refuse your application right there and then
  3. Why did you come to Australia? (In a sentence!)

    Cornish lads are miners, Cornish lads are fisherman too. When all the fish and tin are gone, what are Cornish lads to do?!
  4. Got an Invitation to apply 189 visa.

    You have to submit all evidence to justify your points claimed. So if you are claiming a certain amount of points for a number of years worked in a specific field you have to supply evidence to back that up, ie pay slips or a contract or a letter from your employer. We went through all the same with the 189. Made sure we had all the evidence required plus more. Even for dependants. Just to make it easy for the CO. Once we were assigned a CO it took 8 days to be approved. This was for physiotherapy. If you have the points plus evidence to back the points and valid skills assessments etc I can't see any issues at all.
  5. An old thread but i'm from Camborne, Barripper to be exact! Camborne School of Mines, now a mining engineer living on the Sunshine Coast