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  1. 5 minutes ago, Peach said:

    Visitors to Australia are expected to leave.  If you arrive on a visitor visa with the intention to stay, you are not a genuine visitor and therefore don’t meet the conditions of the visa which could be reason enough for it to be cancelled and have you put on the next plane home. A visitor to Australia can change their mind once in the country and decide to submit an application for a more substantive visa that could allow them to stay.

     Hi Peach and Ali thanks for the reply.

    Do you think that having a one way ticket is reason to believe I will try and stay? I could be unsure of my departure date back to the uk or be travelling to another country etc 

    Might be best to just have a return flight anyway and I can always go home if I need to.


  2. Hi all,

    I posted a while back on this forum and you lovely people were quick to get back to me and help me out, thank you! 

    I am 33, from the UK and in a relationship with an Australian citizen and plan to move to Sydney Feb 2018.

    This year I have been talking with Australian companies with the intention of getting a sponsored visa 186/187 to work in Australia. With the abolishment of the 457 and new visa implementation I have been told that many companies are not keen to take this route.

    I have been in a de facto relationship with an Australian Citizen for 1.5 years so our last resort will be to apply for the partner visa. I will go to Australia in Feb on a 3 month holiday visa and thus onto a bridging visa once the partner visa has been submitted.

    The industry I work in (engineering) is booming right now so I am still hopeful to acquire sponsorship if possible and am in the process of applying for jobs and sending off CVs/Cover letters from now until my holiday visa runs out which will be in May 2018.

    These are some questions that I cannot seem to find definite answers for, hopefully some of you can help me out!  

    • I have a one way flight booked in Feb and will be travelling in on a 3 month holiday visa. I have been told that having a one way flight might be reason for them not to let me in the country as they could be concerned I will try and stay? Also have read that if I am entering the country on a holiday visa that I should mention nothing of myself trying to find work or living with my partner. Keep everything to the fact I am coming for a holiday, get into the country and do what I need to after that. What are your thoughts?
    • If from now until the 3 month holiday visa runs out (May 2018) I am offered a job that comes with nomination/sponsorship, can that visa be submitted whilst I am already in the country on a holiday visa? Would they need to wait until it has expired to apply for a sponsored visa? could I leave the country and re enter once it is submitted to go onto a bridging visa?

    Any other comments or questions you have for me, please fire away! If anything here does not sound like an efficient way of getting to work and live in Oz please also let me know your thoughts :D

    Thanks in advanced for you help, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  3. Hi,

     I have read so much information that it is leaking out of my head and I was hoping that you good people could give me advice.

     This is my situation:

     I am 33 years old living in London, my girlfriend is Australian and we have been in a relationship since April 2016 and have lived together since Jan 2017. My partners visa runs out in October so we are travelling for a month and then heading to Sydney.

     I work as a draftsman in the engineering industry and my first thought was to try and obtain sponsorship through an employer in Sydney. However through all the changes on the 457 Visa and various conversations with employers and agents over there this does not seem the best option.

     I was told by an immigration lawyer that to apply for defacto visa in Aus we would need to prove we have lived with together for a year so I could apply for defacto in Jan 2018. My thinking was that  I could get a 3 month tourist visa and before that runs out apply for defacto and my visa would automatically go to a bridging visa awaiting confirmation of defacto allowing me to work from Feb 2018 onwards.

     I have been told that we should register our relationship in NSW asap, is this correct? does it help the defacto application?

     So as it seems that defacto is the way forward, my question would be, can we start the application for defacto asap and myself enter the country whilst awaiting this decision or would I still need a tourist visa?

    Any advice would be most welcome.

    Thank you in advance!