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  1. Didn't realise it was a spelling test... my error i overlooked. Don't really think that was relevant to say.
  2. Happy for you to private message me at any time if you have any questions. I was born in Melbourne although moved to Geelong 4 years ago. I know alot about schools and areas. Really depends if you want catholic.... they are zoned to areas and public are zoned. Newtown is lovely. The nicest suburb in geelong it has the old homes from late 1800 to mostly 1920 bungalows etc. You will pay alot at least 850K plus in Newtown. And rent is more expensive. Roughly 550 a week for something half decent. The schools are great in Newtown- st John's lutheran is a private and excellent small school of 200 students from prep to grade 6. Chillwell is meant to be good. And fyans park. Montpellier primary in highton. The list could go on. It all comes down to your child and how it suits him. Do some tours. Highton is my fav suburb out of them all.... it's honestly safe and friendly and so so so quiet.
  3. I'm a melbournian born and raised. Lived in Brighton all my life. I moved out 4 years ago now to Geelong. I hate the thought of even visiting Melbourne now.... let alone living there !! But that's just me.... Everyone's different. I prefer Brisbane city... lovely. Geelong is a nice place to raise a family with awesome beaches!
  4. Melby

    Best Green Suburbs to live with Family

    No where in Victoria is green.... I am born and raised in Melbourne. I have moved an hour out of Melbourne to geelong. We just don't get rain.... at all. Victoria is a dry place If you are wanting a home 30 minutes to Melbourne your looking at 1 million plus.... welcome to aus!
  5. Melby

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    Hey Haroon why are you leaving Perth to move back to the UK?
  6. Melby

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    Hello! I'm sure it will work out great for you. We are not sure yet of our destination have a few lined up. Norfolk, Suffolk or Yorkshire - trying to decide. And will suss it out more once as have a look in October. We plan on making the big move beginning of January. Our house settles late August here in Victoria. Gives me plenty of time to organise things this end etc. You will have a busy day wow on the day of house settlement!
  7. Melby

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    Hi suesmall's We are heading to England to for the first time to ever live - we are based in Melbourne Australia! Looking at a time to book, we have two young children. We have sold our house but settlement is August and seems to rushed. Thinking January of booking the one way ticket. we are heading there in October to check out the areas and get a feel. Where abouts are you heading? Have you booked your flights?
  8. Melby

    Cost of living

    Car insurance $800 a year Health insurance $370 a month Car registration- $800 a year and going up Electricity $150 a month and rising Water $150 a month Gas - Very expensive to run - especially in winter $200+ a month Cable Internet only $80 a month Mobile phone $80 a month Council rates $2400 year Taxes are alot here 33 cents per dollar under 90K a year School fees vary $2500 a year for a Catholic primary Private schools schools vary from 20K to 35K a year Petrol $1.40 Bill's are very expensive and rising unfortunately.... hope that helps
  9. Melby

    Health Insurance

    Hello! I'm based in Australia and have we have health insurance here we pay $3600 a year for a family. I was wondering how much it is in the UK and does it work the same? We sort of have to have it here or you will go on a waiting list in the public system for years and years. Is it the same in the UK? Do you even have health insurance or is your NHS system work fine?
  10. I'd definately stick to the Moradialloc and aspendale Have you thought of Sandringham, Hampton, Bentleigh, Brighton East, Mentone? All great areas family friendly safe and very easy access to transport beach and terrific schools.
  11. Melby

    Born in AUS want to move to UK

    We are going to Germany to in a few months. Germany is beautiful my family background is German. My side all from Germany and speak German, although I do not - I am worried about the language barrier although I'm sure easy to pick up. Do you like living in the UK as much as Germany? How did you enjoy australia?
  12. Melby

    Born in AUS want to move to UK

    Thanks for the wealth of information, it really does help We are definately going to give it a shot we have nothing to lose we just sold our place and gave a great amount of savings. York is lovely I have been around the UK a few times and Scotland. we are heading back to the UK in a few months to suss it all out and have a look, would make the move not long after that.
  13. Melby

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    I Have the same feeling of leaving Australia..... the UK or anywhere else must be better then here. Not bagging Australia out, it's not all its cracked up to be. Yes we have some nice weather. Crime is high and wages are not the best for the average house price is like 900K and that is way out of the city.
  14. Melby

    Born in AUS want to move to UK

    It's actually easier - Being an EU citizen and having a spouse then to hold a British citizen
  15. Melby

    Born in AUS want to move to UK

    I'll take my chances