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  1. Thanks everyone for timely and useful advices. I received letter from ACS confirming my eligibility and asking me to do EOI. I submitted the EOI 3rd August i have submitted EOI with 65 points for Software engineer. 1. Any idea how good enough is this? 2. How does the ITA generally come I mean a mail or letter . Also how long does it approximately takes by your experience
  2. Yes sure.I checked with the agent. They are directing me to Third Party statutory sworn in letters for my employment ref. I suppose ACS does mention that as well, but is the company letter head document has more weightage?
  3. Hi rammy.. thanks. I am currently looking for the Skill assessment submission through an agent, and they for some strange reason this it should be 'to whomso ever it may concern' only. That kind of puts me off. So you think I can have the letter addressed to ACS at the very least and it should be fine? Have you come across such scenarios. Thanks for the response
  4. Hi Folks, I am applying for Australian PR. The process seems to be straight forward, I am at a sticking point, where my company is not ready to issue a Employment Reference letter with 'to whom soever it may concern' . They need to know whom to address this letter for. Do I have an option of addressing someone/some agency like ACS and get the letter or does it surely need to be 'to whom soever it may concern' only. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Rahul R