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  1. Ok, small update. Given my apparently complicated timeline, I've decided to use Paul's (MARA) agency to handle my application, mainly because the cost is reasonable when the risk involved is taken into account! I'll update further when anything new happens. This will be a long ride though, so bear with.
  2. Is a DM the best way to get in contact or through the contact form on the site in your bio? Thanks for the tip
  3. Thanks for the responses all! I'm definitely not a citizen. Also neither of my parents were born in Australia. On my most recent trip (March/April 2019) I travelled on a visitor visa, which is valid until March 2020. So I think that might complicate things further. What's the cost of a MARA agent? I'm just afraid that the visa will be $3600 and the MARA agent will charge me a similar amount. I'd be confident filling in any paper work or documentation online myself, but the advice would be useful...
  4. Hi All, Background: I moved to Australia in 1988 ( I was 4 years and 8 months old) with my family and went to primary school, high school, and university in Australia (I still have a HECS debt which I'm paying off), I also worked in Australia and have some super in a super fund. My Mother (Australian citizen) and my Father (PR) both still live in Australia. I was a PR and lived more than 13 out of my first 18 years in Australia. I still have many friends in Australia who are willing to write letters etc on my behalf if required. I also still have all of my school records and reports etc. Funnily enough I also recently received a valid Medicare card. I also recently returned to Australia while my Father had brain surgery and I want to be close to him as he is now nearly 70. I moved back to the UK in 2009 in order to get to know my last remaining grandparents, who have all now passed away. At which time I left the UK with the intention of travelling back to Australia to regain my PR. I don't have the 2 out of the last 5 years as required by the 155, but I do have strong connections to Australia and would also have enough points to come in on a skilled visa. My questions:, 1: Should I just apply for the usual RRV 155 and provide all the evidence I have of family and friendship ties as well as investment evidence (super)? 2: I believe the visa granted will fall through the criteria starting with the 5 year travel facility, then going to the 1 year if I don't fulfill, then falling to 3 months if I don't fulfill, is that correct? 3: If I do apply for the 155 but don't get it granted, will that prevent me from applying for and being granted one of the other visas? Such as a Resident Return visa, or the remaining resident visa? In return, I'll post here all the details of the process when it comes time to submit my application for future reference as I think mines a bit of an unusual case. p.s. Yes I know I'm an absolute idiot for not getting citizenship. It's one of my regrets in life. p.p.s thank you so much for any help you can provide :-) I'm happy to add any details of course as required. Jim