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  1. Thanks alot for the help.. I will thank you again .
  2. Yeah sure! I'm 23 years old and i live in Sri Lanka. I have 2 + years of experience in IT field as a Developer. I have a Dip. in Service Management (HR). I'm doing my 3 years degree as a student now and in the 2nd year of my degree.
  3. oh i see thank you very much! I'll contact some agent and see. Thanks in advance
  4. Well im want to live permanent. But i dont have PR yet. should i apply to PR first?
  5. I applied for the conferral visa. I didn't get you here "What is your current immigration status in Australia?". Well, for the time being, I'm not in Australia nor I've been to Australia.
  6. I entered all the details it asked for and I got stuck at Page 4. One of the following issues is preventing this application from continuing: The applicant does not hold an appropriate visa. The applicant cannot be identified. The applicant will not be able to continue. The applicant should review the eligibility information on our website. Please help! Thanks in advance.