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  1. Jay2016

    Caught in the Middle

    I hear that Australia has the electric garage door syndrome.... Where you go from you're Aircon car into your house and you never see our speak to your neighbors. Or cities without the buzz like in England (not the same drinking culture after work) .... Thing is it is horses for courses, I'd love an electric garage door, think I like my own company toooooo much toooooo lol
  2. Jay2016

    Caught in the Middle

    SOOOOO TRUE! imagine opening a letter that stated "You're residence in xxxxx has now been terminated, you have 14 days to leave" heart pounding, blood racing..... Which is the worst option? A Friend of mine rents a 4bed bungalow with a pool for less than 300 £/MTH (what's that 530 $/MTH) in Chiang Mai, no beaches) just an example; he's English but there's plenty of Oz expats the too.... As much as I'd love the Oz weather (I live in London) I couldn't afford too but Thailand appeals given that level.... More ramblings sorry
  3. Jay2016

    Aussie weather

    When I stayed in Brisbane (albeit during the winter July 18 and it was generally cold) I was told by my hosts how in summer the sun goes down the time you get home from work GREAT!! Then the mossies come out to play, so by all means open the doors turn on the fans, save the bankruptcy of the Aircon BUT make sure those screen doors are shut tight! If you're into gardening then you have one hour at 4am to do it better the sun peaks the skin from your body (I guess that's why I noticed lovely huge houses with tiny tiny gardens) then it's Scorchio by 5/6am but good to get outside before work if you can. Though alas not near a beach (my preference) hence why swooping London/Essex for Brisbane never quite made it off the ground. London to sunshine coast or gold coast.... Now that could work lol if there was work for an accountant type. My Ex has made it with though!! having recently gained her citizenship and moved from Brisbane to sunshine coast (after years of trying to get to sunshine coast at weekends along with everyone else! And getting stuck in the carpark of the M1 I think) she's now renting up on paradise and will flip houses with her inheritance..... That's living the dream. Apologies for my ramblings
  4. Jay2016

    Aussie weather

    Oooh Adelaide!!!? Now there's a place that's not been on my radar. I really fancied Sunshine Coast but no jobs for me alas and even Brisbane, as better as the London (ish) commute would be, its not tempted me to swop. I live in London (on the very edge to be fair) but never have I commuted in and I think no pay rise would ever convince me either so I never did swop the Aircon drive to work (nicely paid but stressful for a good company) for a "better" climate longer hours much less pay Oz life! More to life than work I suppose however I guess the pull wasn't strong enough....yet. apologize for my ramblings.
  5. Great advice from paulhand. IF you get the RRV granted you will get 12mths, much like I did (not 5yrs). My circumstances were simpler than yours (I thought mine were tough) and I was told I didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of getting an RRV, but I did.
  6. Jay2016

    Aussie weather

    9degC in Hornchurch Essex UK. So 30 sounds great but I've heard it is relentless heat toooooo much in Oz and not as nice as it sounds
  7. Kool I'm coming over for a visit in jun/jul to get a feel for SC & Brisbane!
  8. Jay2016

    Renting out house in uk

    Thanks Alan only just seen your post today 12March!
  9. Jay2016

    Has anybody moved to the Gold Coast & regretted it?

    Haha I should be an Agent, going to bed now it's 1am!!!! Can I PM you?
  10. Jay2016

    Has anybody moved to the Gold Coast & regretted it?

    Flippin heck Goofy mucho appreciate your insightful reply AND THE TIME YOU'VE TAKEN! It's the 11 March and I've only just seen your reply (via phone app which I don't think is the best !?) Interestingly things have developed!!!
  11. Sunshine coast intrigues me as a place to work n live?
  12. Jay2016

    Renting out house in uk

    Hi Alan, I would like to know more about this report please. Let's say the Taxable Income (after allowable expenses) was £12,000/year on a UK rental. The UK Personal Allowance is say £11,500. Then in theory UK Tax = £500 x 20% = £100/yr. So tax is paid. But do you ALSO need to pay tax in Oz on that UK rental?? Double Taxation kindest regards j
  13. Jay2016

    Renting out house in uk

    I'm not sure about what I'm about to say but I think Oz income tax rates are lower than UK which makes me think you'd be charged less in Oz. Plus on another point, income tax in general, a bloke at the gym who loves Oz and wishes he was back there (the wife made him go back to UK) he was self-employed in Oz and the amount of stuff he could claim for to reduce Tax was huge and he paid very little Tax so for him yes Oz is expensive but you pay less tax and in theory get paid more compared to UK.albeit he left years ago so had not experienced the last ten years of price rises in Oz (then again he would be mortgage free and retired)
  14. Jay2016

    Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Thanks Yup that's the website I found afew months ago and I say bris less than 7pm. And I think there was a table for most of the major Oz cities which didn't seem much different.