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  1. Kool I'm coming over for a visit in jun/jul to get a feel for SC & Brisbane!
  2. Jay2016

    Renting out house in uk

    Thanks Alan only just seen your post today 12March!
  3. Jay2016

    Has anybody moved to the Gold Coast & regretted it?

    Haha I should be an Agent, going to bed now it's 1am!!!! Can I PM you?
  4. Jay2016

    Has anybody moved to the Gold Coast & regretted it?

    Flippin heck Goofy mucho appreciate your insightful reply AND THE TIME YOU'VE TAKEN! It's the 11 March and I've only just seen your reply (via phone app which I don't think is the best !?) Interestingly things have developed!!!
  5. Sunshine coast intrigues me as a place to work n live?
  6. Jay2016

    Renting out house in uk

    Hi Alan, I would like to know more about this report please. Let's say the Taxable Income (after allowable expenses) was £12,000/year on a UK rental. The UK Personal Allowance is say £11,500. Then in theory UK Tax = £500 x 20% = £100/yr. So tax is paid. But do you ALSO need to pay tax in Oz on that UK rental?? Double Taxation kindest regards j
  7. Jay2016

    Renting out house in uk

    I'm not sure about what I'm about to say but I think Oz income tax rates are lower than UK which makes me think you'd be charged less in Oz. Plus on another point, income tax in general, a bloke at the gym who loves Oz and wishes he was back there (the wife made him go back to UK) he was self-employed in Oz and the amount of stuff he could claim for to reduce Tax was huge and he paid very little Tax so for him yes Oz is expensive but you pay less tax and in theory get paid more compared to UK.albeit he left years ago so had not experienced the last ten years of price rises in Oz (then again he would be mortgage free and retired)
  8. Jay2016

    Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Thanks Yup that's the website I found afew months ago and I say bris less than 7pm. And I think there was a table for most of the major Oz cities which didn't seem much different.
  9. Jay2016

    Our Story... 3.5 years on in OZ

    Cheers Ali. Yes renting my house out in UK plan to live cheap (rent a room on Gumtree initially) aim for temporary work try for a good work life balance and sacrifice Career in exchange for all that....I grew up in Care so no family ties drawing me back to UK. So yes an adventure mate. KR
  10. Jay2016

    Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Jes! In alot of ways in glad I don't have family (grew up in Care) keep in touch and best of British!
  11. Jay2016

    Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Hi ya thanks for your reply sounds like we're doing a swop lol I'm a financial controller. Live in Essex, no ties so was thinking if I move it would be cheaper living (rent a room in shared via Gumtree etc) until I'm established and look for temporary work, part time. So a career backwards step but that's the price of lifestyle choice I guess. Plus I reckon work ain't so plentiful until you get your foot in the door and not being native probably doesn't help. BUT the otherside side of the coin is in settled in a good job, secure etc so why risk it?! You tried it for 13yrs!! Dual citizenship now? Yet STILL coming home to UK? That concerns me. Though you're not the only one. Best of luck though. Hey perhaps do a job swop lol
  12. Jay2016

    Trying to sell house still

    Thanks Bristol
  13. Jay2016

    Trying to sell house still

    Very true newjez. Know anything about sunshine coast or Brisbane? What's your story