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    Can I permanently move to Australia

    You're absolutely right, and I reckon it will be taken down but I've got to try
  2. Brit2866

    Can I permanently move to Australia

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I looked on the skilled workers visa today and found hair dressing which would be what I'm wanting to get involved in. I'm thinking I have to gain experience in this field and possibly obtain the hair dressers visa as a skilled trade after the two yearly working holiday visa. Im hoping this is the way
  3. So I'm wanting to move to Australia, permanently. I plan to get a two yearly working holiday visa, and then after this - what are my options? I'm an exotic dancer so I really don't have a career path. While in Australia I'd like to do some beauty courses. Ultimately I'd like to set up my own business which is very doable, weather it's mobile, in home or small store.Is there a visa for me to start a small business and stay in Australia after the two year working holiday visa? Or what are my options, if any, to permanently move and live in Australia?