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  1. lepea

    health referral lettter

    I had the same thing. I had my medical at Knightsbridge doctors in London and they didn’t need the letter just my passport.
  2. lepea

    Form 40SP

    Great, thank you! We’ve done the online application so just making sure everything is uploaded.
  3. lepea

    Form 40SP

    Hi, just triple checking all our documents are attached and for my husbands sponsorship part it recommends form 40SP. When I have searched for the 40SP it brings up a different form or takes me to the online application. Can anyone point me in the right direction of Form 40SP?
  4. I’d be tempted to take the offer. As much as they might want/need to move in 6-8 weeks even the simplest of chains can take longer than this. Would it be easy enough to get back on the property ladder should the absolutely worst happen (which seems incredibly unlikely)?
  5. Thanks, I’ve not had an RFI for my medical just thought I’d get the ball rolling and hoping for this magic 10 month time frame . Annoyingly my husband has had an email back from afp check stating that his birth certificate is only an extract and not full so we’re trying to get that sorted before it becomes an RFI.
  6. There have been some suggestions that sponsors will need to be approved before applicants can apply.
  7. I had my medical on Wednesday and today my immi account is showing this when I click on health assessment. I’m assuming that because it’s through eMedical there is no uploading of documents for me to do?
  8. @agmc and @sbrowne9 really swift timelines! Let’s hope it’s the start of a reduction in processing time.
  9. This is fantastic news! Congratulations. I have my medical booked for next week.
  10. Is this the processing time for 309/100? My immi account is still showing 16-20 months
  11. Just wanted to jump on here, add the start of our journey and ask a question. Submitted application on the 6th September. Uploaded all documents necessary apart from form 80 and 1221 (a hectic start to the school year plus sick kids). I’m just working through the forms and I’m wondering if there is an easier way instead of printing them, filling them in, scanning and attaching as documents? Seems like a lot of work for very repetitive questions. TIA
  12. lepea

    Missing documents from Immi account

    That’s really good to know! Thanks.
  13. lepea

    Missing documents from Immi account

    I’ve just seen this so apologies if it’s been sorted. Once we’ve attached docomunts that category and attachment then move to very bottom of the list. Hope that makes sens.