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  1. @Almat congratulations! Can I ask what address or email address you used to write to the London embassy? I think I need to get writing to them - 14 months and I’ve no heard anything yet.
  2. lepea

    Help Getting Newborn Back to Aus

    You can apply for a visa but you’d also need a travel exemption with the visa. We recently returned to Australia with our kids British passport and their citizenship by descent documents and no issues with them entering Australia. Just Incase the citizenship doc comes through sooner.
  3. lepea

    Bridging Visa 600 to 309

    My question is does anyone have any personal experience of this. Obviously I’ll speak with a registered migration agent.
  4. lepea

    Bridging Visa 600 to 309

    Bridging visa B
  5. The government have said they are going to increase the caps so I hope that’s good news for your flight. Pack lots of toys/activities for quarantine - do you have family in Brisbane that drop stuff off? We are going to be living in Redcliffe for a while until we decide where we want to live permanently.
  6. @Almat we did! Currently in quarantine at the Marriott in Brisbane! 12 days to go! @Bjv002 huge congratulations!
  7. Hi, I arrived in Australia yesterday on a 12 month visitor visa. I have also applied for a partner visa. I’ve just logged into my immi account and under my partner visa there is an option to apply for a bridging visa for working rights or to travel overseas. I’ve added a photo of the menu in my application. Does anyone have any experience of this?
  8. @Almat I’m so pleased to hear you have your visa. We are due to fly on Saturday - Singapore airlines requested my visa and exemption so they could verify I was able to fly. Hope we don’t get bumped off our flight .
  9. Hi @Almat our situation was similar. We’d been planning the move for 18 months, wanted to get the kid’s schools sorted for January, have given notice on our jobs and our landlord has put our house on the market so we have notice to leave our rental. Attached marriage certificate, kids birth certificates, tenancy agreement, proof of booked travel.
  10. Hi, I applied for one exemption and referenced my partner visa, 4 weeks later I got an email saying they were not able to expedite my visa at this time. Then applied for the 600 and exemption at the same time and both were approved in 3 days. You can attach 5 documents for evidence on the exemption.
  11. lepea

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    @moominfillyjonk I did put my partner visa down for my first exemption request and had a reply to say that all the legal requirements hadn’t been met and it couldn’t be process at this time. Applied for a second exemption and 600, they were both granted in 3 days. It seems there is a huge backlog of partner visas waiting to be processed - one media report said 90,000! I think the global processing time will be remain lengthy.
  12. I have already done my medical for the 309 and so I attached the HAP-ID number for it. I don’t think you need to have a medical but I guess it could be requested if something flagged in your application when you answer the health questions.
  13. @TruthSeeking I applied for 12 months. there is a section to attach document about why you want a 12 month stay - I attached my children’s citizenship by decent approval and their UK birth certificates.
  14. I’d consider applying for the visitor visa 600 and see what you’re granted then decide whether to lodge your parent visa on or off shore. As a parent of Australian citizens you are likely to be given a 12 month stay without a no further stay condition. I applied for mine on the 26th July and it was granted 4 days later - 12 month visa and no ‘no further stay’. I applied for my 309 last September but various reasons mean we need to get to Australia ASAP. Hindsight being a wonderful thing we should have gone down the 600 then onshore application but who knew the world would lockdown
  15. lepea

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    Hi @TruthSeeking, I’ve just read your other post. I’m not a migration agent but I would consider applying for the visitor visa with Australian citizen children you’re likely to be granted a 12 month Visitor visa without no further stay conditions. Once in Australia apply for an on shore partner visa. You then won’t have to worry about leaving the country to activate an off shore partner visa.