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  1. Just wanted to jump on here, add the start of our journey and ask a question. Submitted application on the 6th September. Uploaded all documents necessary apart from form 80 and 1221 (a hectic start to the school year plus sick kids). I’m just working through the forms and I’m wondering if there is an easier way instead of printing them, filling them in, scanning and attaching as documents? Seems like a lot of work for very repetitive questions. TIA
  2. lepea

    Missing documents from Immi account

    That’s really good to know! Thanks.
  3. lepea

    Missing documents from Immi account

    I’ve just seen this so apologies if it’s been sorted. Once we’ve attached docomunts that category and attachment then move to very bottom of the list. Hope that makes sens.
  4. Hi, we are looking at making the move back to Oz to be closer to my husbands family. Our kids have Australian citizenship so we will have no visa problems here. My son has autism, NHS diagnosed in December 2017. He currently attends a mainstream primary school in the UK but the school has a provision for ASD - although our son doesn’t access this it does mean the SeNCo and teaching staff are incredibly experienced and the school is very inclusive. My son academically is in line with his peers and so his school work is not an issue but he does receive some 1:1 support for movement breaks/O.T and to set up visual timetables/now and next boards. Looking at schools in Brisbane as well as media relating to autism in schools in Australia I’m worried that he will find school very challenging. So my question is how inclusive are state primary schools, will NHS diagnosis be recognised as well as UK occupational therapy reports or will we need to have these redone in Australia? Lastly if anyone has their own experiences they would like to share if love to read them.
  5. Hi all, I am a Brit and my husband is Australian. We have been living in the UK for 6 years, married 5. We have 2 children (both Oz citizens). We have started saving for a move over to Australia. Looking at requirements for a sponsor I don't really see how my husband could be my sponsor. He is in the UK with me and at time of application will not have a job/income in Australia. Am I missing something obvious in all the paper work? TIA