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  1. Thanks for that . I tried looking for the Irish equivalent but its costs 456 dollars . My qualification took 3 years fulltime collage study and is level 7 on the NFQ . Do you think it will be seen equivalent to the AFQ level bachelors
  2. I wouldnt try to be too smart if I were you . Google may be peoples friend but you still gave incorrect info
  3. The second link you provided is for graduates with no work experience . I have 10 years experience as a chemist so the link I need is Looks like I don't require a job offer as I originally suspected
  4. How do I find that . It seems WA requires a job offer for occupations on schedule 2 but I haven't seen this requirement for any occupation in VIC which is where I want to go
  5. My occupation of chemist 234211 is on the stsol , this means I'm eligible for state sponsored subclass 190 . Victoria is the only state offering sponsorship but the agent said I need a job offer over there before I can apply . This doesn't sound correct , is it
  6. I'm a native speaker that only requires a 7 on the IELTS. Should I go ahead with that, or do the PTE?
  7. Retyping above post for more clarity I am trying to make the move to Australia. The visa that seems to best suit me is the Nominated Skilled migration Visa Subclass 190. A prerequisite to apply for this is a Bachelors Degree. As per the Australian Qualification Framework(AFQ) it seems a level 7 bachelors is the minimum that's required. Ireland has something similar to the AFQ in the form of the National Framework of Qualifications(NFQ). and on that the minimum for a bachelors is a level 7 Ordinary Degree. I qualified with a level 7 Diploma 2003 and this qualification transitioned from the Diploma to the Ordinary Degree a number of years ago.However just because the wording has changed from Diploma to Ordinary Degree it is not a superior qualification since they are both considered level 7 as per the NFQ and I would be eligible to enter 1 years honors degree level 8 program with my diploma so if it was in anyway inferior to the ordinary Degree I would not be able to do this. I suppose the main question is if the AFQ is a mirror for the NFQ? If it is I should be okay but I am concerned because of the wording of Diploma. On the AQF a Diploma is level 5 which is pre 3rd level education as in leaving cert over there. Would appreciate opinions
  8. I'm from Ireland , I qualified with a diploma in science in 2003 .This is a level 7 qualification on the NFQ and was a 1 year add on having previously completed a 2 year level 6 certificate in science . The title of the level 7 diploma has changed to ordinary degree in science but its not superior since they are both level 7 qualifications .I would be eligible to enter a 1 years add on honours degree program in science with my diploma . It seems in Australia a diploma which is level 5 on the AFQ is a pre 3rd level award. How do I convince the assessing authority that my diploma took 3 years of full time study and is the equivalent to a bachelors degree .I suppose the main question is if the NFQ is Ireland is a mirror for the AQF in Australia
  9. I'm a 39 year old single male looking looking to make a permanent move to Australia. Melbourne specifically since I have family over there. I've done a bit if research so I'm just looking for general advice . My occupation of QC chemist or Chemist us on the CSOL list so I need to apply for a state sponsored subclass 189 visa. The first step it steps get my qualifications and experience assessed with vetassess . Do the ielts and obtain at least a score of 7.0 across all 4 sections and then lodge an EOI. Is everything right so far . I've a few queries Who are the registered narn agents around here? I currently hold a 3 year ordinary bsc in science and I'm starting an hons degree in biopharmaceutical science it's an online program so I can continue my studies in Australia if I wish. I'm wondering if this would further support my application or would I need to have it completed? Is the ielts compulsory for my application or is it just to increase my points total ? The minimum I need is 7.0 across all sections, do I get more points if I score higher? Do my points lower as I age? I just turned 39 ? How many points do I need in total?I think it's 60 Once application is started how long do you think the visa will take to get?