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  1. I'm 39 year old single male with no sale dependents . I have nothing really to keep me in Ireland and I've become very bored and disillusioned with the place. I have a brother in Melbourne who is an Australian citizen who I visit twice a year . He'd love me to move over and I save all my cash for 2 vacations a year . The problem is that my occupation of chemist was taken off the skills list back in July of this year . I'm hoping it comes back on the stsol next January even if that's unlikely. I would also appreciate any advice for reskilling in a career that's in demand in Australia and one I could do relatively quick. At 39 . Time isn't on my side
  2. Engineering technologist 233914

    Under biotechnology and science Victoria has the following occupations Biotechnology and Science ANZSCO code Occupation Minimum IELTS (or equivalent) requirement Minimum work experience Specialisations and other requirements 224112 Mathematician 6.0 in each band Two years Must have two year’s experience in the Science industry. 234111 Agricultural Consultant 6.0 in each band Two years 234112 Agricultural Scientist 6.0 in each band Two years 233914 Engineering Technologist 7.0 in each band Two years 234711 Veterinarian 7.0 in each band Three years Must be registered with the Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria. I recently discovered my role of chemist has been remove from the skills list but I could transition into a role called Validation Engineer here with my current employer so I am wondering if I would then be eligible to apply under Engineering technologist 233914 since its such a broad and generic occupation on that list. The role of validation engineer is a highly qualified and technical position with the pharmaceutical industry. Here is a layout of the role
  3. Is my Australian dream over

    What your talking about seems more like R&D which is a different area to me and maybe your friends are over qualified . If as you say they are leading teams then they wont be working on the bench as a chemist , sounds more like management work
  4. Is my Australian dream over

    On the 1st jul17 my role of chemist was taken off the STSOL list which was very disappointing , CSL are announced a major investment for a biopharmaceutical facility there in Melbourne recently which I thought looked very positive for me . I dont think there are many universities in Australia that have qualifications specific to the biopharmaceutcal industry, generic science degress yes but not specific to Cell Culture etc. In fact that company CSL had to pay a number of its employess to do a specific course here in Ireland because there was nothing comparable to it in Australia. I am now trying to assess my options , I would even consider a 457 visa or what that transitions to next march. I also dont have to stay in my current career as chemist, I could perhaps transition into process or validation would may get me in under engineering technologist. I would appreciate any or all advice anyone can give, my brother is now an Australian Citizen so I wonder if theres anything I could explore there to help me
  5. Career change; the day has finally come!

    Hi GiveAGirlShoes Can you be more specific on how you don't need experience with your new career? Don't you need to satisfy a minimum points requirement? How does one find out what careers do and do not require experience?
  6. Is there certain professions on the MTLSSL that once you qualify you can apply for a permanent visa and do not need to have a certain number of years experience before hand?
  7. Congrats on your new qualification  and every success in your quest for a visa and future career . Can I ask why you don't need experience in your new field before applying for the visa ? I'm in Limbo myself and it looks  like my dream to live in Australia is over .My role of chemist was only ever on the csol list but it was taken off that on July 1st. and at 39 its probably too late to retrain . I might be prepared to do a different occupation but to then have to get experience is  just too long to undertake, this is why I'm asking what careers you don't need experience in for the visa 

    1. Validation engineer

      I'm considering a reskill from chemist to validation engineer and have a few queries 1. If an occupation is on the mltssl , do I still need experience .How many years? 2. Is a permanent migration visa a certainty if my occupation is on the mltssl ? 3. Its not on the list outright but could the role of Validation Engineer qualify under Engineering Technologist 233914 or plant engineer 233513?
    2. what are the chances of my occupation coming back on it?
    3. My role of chemist was most recently taken off the skilled occupation list for state sponsorship for Victoria for subclass 190, I have a few questions about my options 1. What is the likely hood this will return to the list? 2.What about company sponsorship visas? 3. Any advice on re skilling for an occupation that's in demand but doesn't require a lot of experience Any hope or advice at all would be appreciated, thanks
    4. my qualification recognition in Australia

      Thanks for that . I tried looking for the Irish equivalent but its costs 456 dollars . My qualification took 3 years fulltime collage study and is level 7 on the NFQ . Do you think it will be seen equivalent to the AFQ level bachelors
    5. migration agent told me the following but i thinks false

      I wouldnt try to be too smart if I were you . Google may be peoples friend but you still gave incorrect info
    6. migration agent told me the following but i thinks false

      The second link you provided is for graduates with no work experience . I have 10 years experience as a chemist so the link I need is Looks like I don't require a job offer as I originally suspected
    7. migration agent told me the following but i thinks false

      How do I find that . It seems WA requires a job offer for occupations on schedule 2 but I haven't seen this requirement for any occupation in VIC which is where I want to go
    8. My occupation of chemist 234211 is on the stsol , this means I'm eligible for state sponsored subclass 190 . Victoria is the only state offering sponsorship but the agent said I need a job offer over there before I can apply . This doesn't sound correct , is it