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  1. Cowact

    Entering before 309 visa granted

    It seems we are on the same boat. We might do the same. Please keep posting here how you guys are doing, I'll share my updates as well
  2. Hi there, My wife (Korean) has applied for 309 partner visa in March 2020. I'm not sure if it's due to COVID-19, but nothing has been updated yet since she submitted her application. No CO allocation or contact. However, we need to move to Australia by this September because of my job. Is it okay her to stay in Australia with traveler visa (or any other visa available that she can get independently), and wait until 309 gets granted? Or should we stay overseas? Any info or opinion is welcome guys :)
  3. Cowact

    190 (offshore) June 2017 submissions

    Hi matt, im Act nominated too and lodged my application on 5th June without using an agent. I think it's a good idea to keep updating of our status on this thread as there are not many act cases. I'm onshore applicant and submitted all docs required including pcc and med but still no contact from co.
  4. Cowact

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Hi guys, just wanna hear you guys' opinion for my case. I applied for 190 with ACT invitation which is only open for Canberra residents and onshore applicants. I finished my bachelor degree in ACT so I could get my invite relatively easily, and submitted the application for PR on 5th Jun with all front-loaded docs including PCC and medical. However, I need to go and stay in my country for 6 months from Sep.. I have been hoping to get direct granted as I uploaded all required docs but when considering the speed of work of DIBP, it seems it is not easy to get a good news in my ideal time frame. So I am about to book a flight to my country departing in mid Aug as I have to be in there by Sep anyway regardless of PR (I intend to come back before Mar 2018). Do you think would that affect on my visa processing? Personally I guess this visa stream is mainly for offshore applicants so it doesnt matter wherever I stay and wait for grant. Please share your info or experience if you or someone around you went through same situation. Thanks in advance!
  5. Cowact

    190 visa process times

    What!?!? then it means it will likely to take about 6 months to get PR granted from the date we lodge our application with the state invitation? When I checked, it seems much shorter than that. People with proper application and docs submitted usually take about 1-3months?? 13months is maaaaad
  6. Cowact

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    What a surprise! I just got an invitation from ACT just like 10mins after post here! Now I can finally apply for PR through Skillselect as you said above. So you guys were talking about the one step ahead of me haha now I got it. How long do people usually expect to get their PR granted after apply for it with nomination? Many thanks,
  7. Cowact

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Thanks Nelly, that's what I thought so it makes me more nervous day by day haha. By the way, I've seen many people, such as Marwan above, waiting for 190 nomination mentioning immi account. Do we need to create immi account for 190? in ACT we dont need to and just creat EOI through skill select. And as far as I know that the only online website we can check our process. How do you guys check visa process and what the immi account for 190 about?
  8. Cowact

    190 Visas Lodged - March/April 2017 batch

    Hi guys, 1. Just want to confirm with you guys about 'Processing time' that each state claims - ACT 8wks, VIC 12wks, NT 3wks, etc. Is this the period of time after 'Visa lodgement date' or 'Case officer assignment date'? 2. I applied for ACT nomination on 28 Mar and got CO assigned on 1 May and still no contact from CO 'at all'. I guess it is because of my current visa status (graduate visa which requires medical and pcc), but even if CO can access to my docs uploaded on DIBP server, it takes too long (9wks). Is there anyone in same situation with me? Thanks heaps in advance!