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  1. 300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Cheers nemesis , 9 month thing is fine it was the very short validation time x
  2. 300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Sorry nemesis I meant to quote someone else 😂🤣 I was curious about nekisha- if she only had about a week to activate her visa and if that was normal?

    I'm packing and shipping myself- I'd love to be able to afford someone else to do it but right now it's not possible so I'm going to be doing it with the help of some friends and a load of packing materials!! ( subject to getting my visa of course)
  4. 300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Just out of curiosity what date did you get you Pmv visa grant? X
  5. So how much do you think you spent shipping your dog over?

    Any tips on this process much appreciated- who did your pooch fly with? Did you have someone fly them from quarantine? X
  6. Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    Omg that's amazing 🥂 Congratulations, so pleased for you xx
  7. Trying to email my co no joy

    I've booked the appointment with the panel rhumatologist , i just thought it odd the hospital would suggest a different route to what was being asked I'll stick to doing as my co asks thanks guys
  8. Can someone please clarify visa fees

    Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction- I've seen a couple of names mentioned
  9. Can someone please clarify visa fees

    I can't afford one for the whole process- I hadn't realised you can do it the way you have suggested so I will look into that 👍🏼 We do have everything else covered though shipping flights etc
  10. Can someone please clarify visa fees

    The long and short of it is I just can't afford a migration agent - it appears the immigration departments are not the best places for info when you'd think they would be 🙄
  11. Trying to email my co no joy

    Hi snifter I was trying to confirm what I needed to do - when I called the hospital to book another appointment the hospital told me I could go to an NHS rheumatologist or a letter from my docs would surfice rather than go back to them but the email I got was requesting me to see a panel rheumatologist, so what the hospital were telling me to do just didn't sit quite right with me the email I had off my co gave me an email address that said if I had any questions I could email the address provided within the email but it's not even a real email address 🤔
  12. Can someone please clarify visa fees

    I know I won't get a refund which is fine but a bit of correct info from the department to clarify the contradictory instructions from the hospital may be of some help
  13. Can someone please clarify visa fees

    I'm applying for the Pmv 300 , which looks to me the way I read it the $7000 etc would cover our visas and the next stage and we would then pay $1700 ish for the pr visa via the Pmv visa they wouldn't help me contact my co said I had to go through them for any questions I had or upload questions on my application even though I wouldn't get a response if I did it that way!! Sooooo frustrating
  14. I've just been informed on the phone from the European call centre as it appears I can't email my co with a few queries I have , and thought I'd just check what happens if I fail my Medical ( I've been asked to go back and see a rheumatologist for a report on my fibro) the hospital told me a Gp letter would be fine or Referal to nhs rumatologist but the email says panel physician , I wanted to make sure I was doing things right , was told hospital shouldn't of said that and I need to book panel physician anyway I also asked about future visa fees to be told when I apply for the next pr visa it's going to cost an additional $7000 plus more for my children - I was sure I'd read differently to that? Totally confused 🤷‍♀️
  15. Trying to email my co no joy

    I'm trying to my co at I'm assuming Australia house but the email address I've been given on correspondence from her keeps bouncing back with Mailer demon- no known domain any advice? Thanks xx