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    Paid Parental Leave on a 457 / PR Visa

    Hi Lou, Do you know if I'm entitled to any other form of financial support from the government while on maternity leave? My employer does not offer paid maternity leave unfortunately. Does it make a difference that I'm married to an Australian citizen? Or can he apply for any support? Many thanks!
  2. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me please! I'm currently on a 457 visa but have started the process with my employer to apply for Permanent Residency. I'm married to an Australian Citizen and having our 1st baby in September 2017. I'm not entitled to Paid Parental Leave from the government whilst on a 457 visa and my permanent residency will not be granted before the baby is born. You can however claim paid parental leave up until the child is 52 weeks old. My question is, can I apply for paid parental leave within that 52 week period if my PR visa is granted even though I was on a 457 when the child was born? Any help or advice is much appreciated :-) Nicole