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  1. Good evening Can anyone recommend a good agent in Perth that could process an ENS 186 visa? I am currently over in Aus on a 457 (med to long term) visa and working for a company that is willing to sponsor me. My 457 visa was processed by an agent recommended to me by the company I work for. Am I obliged / is it recommended that I should stick with this same agent when applying for the ENS186 now? (perhaps to ensure continuity of the whole process, since he holds my initial documentation from when he processed my 457?) I haven't been entirely happy with him, as he can be very sketchy when it comes to giving me answers, his prices are way up there, and he's using 'scare tactics' to pressure my wife over the phone to get things done 'now' (he has said certain things over the phone, yet in writing/over email he won't/contradicts) Thanks in advance
  2. RDB

    ENS 186 Anyone done it alone?

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply. I will definitely take your advice on board.
  3. Hello I was just wondering whether anyone has applied for an ENS 186 visa on their own accord i.e. without going through an agent, and whether or not they advise going this route. Many Thanks
  4. Thanks for your advice. Will try find out more. I know they said from the beginning that they wouldn't pay for the cost of the visa (I remember that...)and I think they also said they wouldn't pay for airfares to get there either (will double check on that..). I did read somewhere (online) that if we end up leaving Aus at the end of our temporary visa, then the company has to pay for us to get back home. (I presumed that meant the cost of the air tickets...not sure if it includes shipping costs too), however our intention is to hopefully remain and apply for PR. As for shipping costs to get to Aus...well I just assumed that the onus was on ourselves to fit that bill...(not sure if there's anything legally binding regarding what they have to/don't have to provide) On the plus side...the company is offering subsidised housing for us on arrival and lending us furniture until ours arrives (planning on just shipping over mainly white goods and bed...one/two boxes small things.
  5. No unfortunately not. do they usually....?
  6. I still need to look more into shipping options, however I was initially quoted based on a limiting factor of space (cubic feet ). As we're only shipping a limited amount of furniture we were quoted for a shared (groupage) container service.
  7. Thanks for your response. I think he was more interested to find out what the cost of tools in Aus are compared to in UK? It's quite a big tool chest and weighs alot so no doubt will add onto our shipping costs. He's concerned that the loan tools will be quite limited and hinder him from doing his job until our container arrives.
  8. Hello We hope to move to Australia soon on a 457 visa (with the hope/intention of becoming permanent residenets) My hubby's dilemma is whether or not to ship the tools of his trade ( i.e. he's a vehicle mechanic, so toolbox is what I mean) He has a job lined up and they want him to start asap. He has to provide his own tools. A friend has offered to lend him some in the meantime until our shipment arrives from UK. Question. Is it worth shipping his toolbox or would it be more cost effective to replace his tools in Perth when we get there? Any mechanics on this forum who could advise? Many Thanks
  9. In theory yes, however the law may extend further than my understanding of it, and/or furthermore protect against statelessness. I am now pursuing legal advice. Please delete this post.
  10. Thanks for advice - Yes might have to go that route of finding legal advice. Was just hoping perhaps someone had gone through similar experience. Will see if I can contact UK Immigration. Not pregnant at this stage - just wanted to understand the options. Coming back to have baby in UK not a feasible option as no close family here that I could impose on to that extent, and unable to delay as job lined up in Aus for hubby.
  11. Thanks for your reply Nicky. The Zim side of things is complicated and I seriously doubt that I would be able to get the baby a Zimbabwean passport, as they regard me as an 'alien' since my mom was born in England (even though I was born in Zimbabwe), so not even I am regarded as a Zimbabwean citizen by the Zim govt. (as I said...its complicated) Also, because I lived out of Zimbabwe for more than a year (now 3 years in UK), I have lost my Zimbabwean residency and to visit my family I have to pay for a visa. My husband, again, is born in Zimbabwe, but because his mother was born in Germany (but she's British, as was during the war), he is also regarded as an alien and had to get a South African passport (through his dad's ancestry). So, my worry is that the child will be stateless. Anyone else had this problem? or perhaps know which govt body in the UK I could write to? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, please can anyone advise on this who perhaps has similar experience... I am British my decent, (born in Zimbabwe) so the only way I can pass British citizenship onto a new born child is if he/she's born in the UK. We have been living in the UK for 3 years and plan to move to Aus on a 457 visa. Our intention is to try for a baby while living in Aus. Do you know whether the baby would be able to get British Citizenship if born in Aus? I know that the baby would be added to our 457 visa if born there, but was wondering whether I could get him/her a Brit passport. It would have been more straight forward if I was born in the UK, as I know then the baby would definitely be eligible....however that's not the case Many thanks
  13. Hi, please could someone tell me whether it's possible to apply for a Medicare card before you leave the UK, and whether is it recommended that I do so, or is it better to apply for one on arrival to Aus? I am on a British passport. Many thanks