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  1. NikkiC

    Find house before arrive?

    Ok, thanks Cal. That is what I'm thinking will be the best option
  2. NikkiC

    Find house before arrive?

    Oh, ok thank you- I thought you could arrange the rental before arriving- maybe some do? And yes, I would prefer to see it however I thought they can't lie THAT much, can they?!!
  3. Hi all, Just wondered if its easier to find a house to rent before moving to Adelaide or wait until we arrive? We can stay with family when we arrive if needed. Also what experience has anyone had with renting furnished houses? Is the furniture ok?! Our stuff will be arriving after us so unsure what to do- get furnished or unfurnished? Many thanks! Nikki
  4. NikkiC

    Partner visa

    That's great, thank you!
  5. NikkiC

    Partner visa

    Thank you! That's what I thought but it isn't made clear anywhere!?
  6. NikkiC

    Partner visa

    Hi, I am about to submit my husbands visa application. I have filled the form in online and it's now asking me to submit it and pay which is fine but l haven't been asked to attach any documents. Is this asked after the form is submitted? Thanks!
  7. NikkiC

    Health?police checks

    Thank you all for your help- we will apply online!
  8. Hi, I am going to apply for my husbands partner visa soon and I can't seem to find any definite details about if the police and health checks should be submitted with the application. Some say to submit it with it and others say they will ask you for it after you have applied? Also, I am applying by post and it seems I can't pay the visa fee by cheque or debit card??!! So how do I pay?! I have tried calling Oz Embassy in London- just on hold forever!! Any help appreciated!