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  1. Trades Recognition Australia are the assessing body for Electricians. Future skills and Vetassess are two organisations that have a contract to carry out the assessments in UK on behalf of TRA. They have to cover essentially the same elements but can put their own little twist on it. Vetassess are in Blackburn and Future Skills in London.
  2. It was an actual question in my theory paper as well. So worth knowing it. Worth some hefty marks too if i remember correctly. He didn’t actually watch me do it specifically he just watched what i did with the install board and threw in a few questions. DOL can be tricky if your not doing em regular. You have to draw the circuit out first and then go connect it up show it working. Most switches are pre wired with fly leads. Just got to wire in the hold on contacts and the overload.
  3. Jsmull87

    189 skilled visa costs etc

    No i did it myself. If you're organised with it then it isn't as bad as you think. hopefully you don't have a dog. Dogs are expensive to take. Ours must be flying business class. Have you looked into any of it yet? There's flights, temp accommodation, car hire to add in afterwards as well. I would say plan for being without work for 3 months also although a carpenter should be in demand.
  4. Jsmull87

    Claiming experience after skills assessment?

    I always thought you could claim for it as long as you have the evidence to back it up. I.e employer reference, employment contract, payslip etc.It just means supplying the additional evidence to DIBP through immiaccount. So you will have an employment statement from ACS covering x years and extra evidence covering remainder.
  5. Jsmull87

    189 skilled visa costs etc

    I'm not a carpenter but I your skill looking at £800 - £1000 for the assessment. It's in two stages. On the bright side it does give you the aussie qual meaning you can get straight into working unlike the licensed trades. White card is £50 if you do it in the UK probably a lot cheaper if you wait. Police certificates are £45 each as long as you don;t go fast track. IELTS are £150 a pop and i would budget for at least two if you need max points. Look into PTE. Some find it easier. Shipping £3000 - £5000 for a typical family home. Just tools £500. That's roughly what i got quote for electrician toolkit and power tools. Don't under estimate how long everything takes too. If you are set then i would start the process now. Its taken us 18 months from skills assessment to visa grant and we are taking another 6 months to plan the move. Oh and the agent will likely charge you between 2-3k depending on how much work they have to do.
  6. Jsmull87

    Passport sized photo

    As jetblast says it must of recently come back in. I got my grant December and never had to supply any.
  7. Jsmull87

    Including family members in application

    Can you not speak to your employer? If they are sponsoring then they must have a MARA agent they can call for advice. For their own protection at least.
  8. Jsmull87

    Police Checks?

    Yes that's right. One for each of you.
  9. Jsmull87

    Passport sized photo

    Ah Ok. I learned something new today as well. I just went back through everything on my computer to double check.
  10. Jsmull87

    Passport sized photo

    Are you sure you have to provide them? I don’t think I did.
  11. Jsmull87

    After Medicals and Police Checks?

    You’ve pretty much answered your own question but if it helps we waited 4 months for grant after case officer contact. It depends on the workload of the office and I also believe certain countries and occupations get processed quicker. I’ve seen some on immitracker get a grant a week after. CO contact.
  12. Jsmull87

    Police Checks?

    No you need the ACRO certificate.
  13. Jsmull87

    Transferring your funds

    I am just looking into this myself. There isn’t really a way to compare best rate as it changes so quickly. I have leaned towards currencies direct based on money saving expert website. On google you can see the high & low and how much it fluctuates. If you have over 30k they will have someone look after the transfer for you. I think you can say to them ‘if it hits dye rate then make the exchange. I am hoping to hear back today so will confirm for you.
  14. Jsmull87

    IELTS help !

    Try searching for Taraneh IELTS tutor. My wife did a Skype lesson with her which really helped. Think it’s about £15. She used to mark the tests and can tweak your mindset in approaching the test.
  15. Jsmull87

    Teaching PR visa

    If your actual PGCE certificate says early years in the title (my wife’s did) then you should pass the skills assessment. She didn’t have any direct experience of 0-2 but they accepted that the theory module was enough. in terms of which to do, only you can really answer that. At this moment secondary teachers are probably the ones most sought after but I don’t know about ICT. Early years teacher is on the list but more so to fill jobs in day care which is more like a regular job as opposed to school hours. We are moving in June and this is what we are finding now. Not too many roles in schools and ones that do come up are usually box ticking because the role has already been filled by a supply teacher known to the school. I suppose what I am trying to say is pick the route that you would be most happy doing in either country. There are ways to make either work for you in terms of work/ life balance. Also the process takes so long and demand can change quickly. To get a positive skills assessment you will need 4yrs of university study and at least 45 days of supervised teaching experience.