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  1. Jsmull87

    Document request 189 visa

    Happened to me. Asked for something i had already uploaded. It should tell you in the letter what they are looking for. In my case it was a passport copy so I just reuploaded and then clicked supplied. Three months later i got a grant. Don’t worry too much in this situation. I was told by migration agent that the system is bit hit and miss and sometimes doesn’t save all documents.
  2. Jsmull87

    Hairdresser Skills assessment - Query

    There’s loads of good videos on YouTube relating to IELTS including some very good tips for reading paper.
  3. Jsmull87

    Claiming partner points on SA 190

    Glad all is ok mate. Good luck with the rest of it.
  4. Jsmull87

    Claiming partner points on SA 190

    Sounds like an error to me mate. Remember they still human and it must be boring checking the same things every day so they may go into autopilot. I will say SA are pretty efficient at getting back to people (i contacted them over a slightly different issue) I have also had this exact problem with the visa application. Went 189 route but the case officer came looking for proof of partner english ability despite a copy of the passport being uploaded. The letter they sent through immi account even stated a UK passport was sufficient. Apparently the system can lose some documents. I just re-uploaded it and now i'm waiting.
  5. Jsmull87


    Do you have accountancy records? Company registration from when you started up? Even references from wholesalers you have used may count if you held business accounts x amount of years. Anything that backs up the fact you have been in the trade for as long as you say.
  6. Jsmull87


    I think it is something to do with recognition of prior learning mate. If you have quals then they knock off 3 years as training years but with no quals they knock off 6. The reason for 14 years is you give them 6yrs as training and then 8yrs you want to claim points for. Can you afford to drop some points? Speak to down under centre or a migration agent first. Initial consultations are usually free.
  7. Jsmull87

    Winter clothes to take or not

    Why not just buy them when you get there if you feel they are needed? Its approaching summer there now isn't it. I don't think Australia is that isolated.
  8. Jsmull87


    I dealt with them in getting an electrician skills assessment with no issues. What occupation?
  9. Jsmull87

    Skilled migration early childhood educator

    It it probably best to ask a MARA agent your questions. I can share my experience with AITSL but I think your looking for a bit more in depth.
  10. Jsmull87

    Down Under Live

    I've not been to London but have been to two others and in my opinion the jobs line is just to sell tickets. Mainly 1 or 2 recruitment agencies advertising some jobs that may be available. You can pick up some useful info on other stuff like shipping and pets but remember it is mainly to drum up business for the vendors. Like a food festival. Pay to get in and then everyone wants to sell you their products. The DUC which organise the shows also do monthly webinars which go over the same info in an hour, are free and you don't have to leave the house.
  11. Jsmull87

    Skilled migration early childhood educator

    Early childhood Teacher is on the list but to get a positive skills assessment you would need 4 years of university. 3yr Bachelor followed by one year PGCE which includes at least 45 days supervised teaching practice. Asesssments are carried out by AITSL so perhaps take a look at their website and factsheets.
  12. Jsmull87

    Electrical skills assessment

    He won't ask you to draw it out with star/ delta. He will ask once you wired up the board to look at the little motor and tell him how it should be done from looking at the plate. If its the same assessor he wasn't too fussed about symbols as long as you knew what you were saying and it checks out on the board. To be fair i seen him give one guy about 4 go's at it. He stepped into the next room for some air whilst i was doing the fault board so i tweaked his drawing for him. I stayed in the premier inn and ended up sharing breakfast with the assessor without either of us realising until the test started. If your way off the mark then your on your own but if your close he will give you something to think about without giving you the answer. Don't stress it too much. Two of the sections can be done eyes closed. We will probably look to land May 2019 once we have saved around 30k. As the house is gone etc. we good go earlier and are going to look at the job market for January as wife is a teacher and school year starts January.
  13. Jsmull87

    Electrical skills assessment

    Not had the visa yet. Case officer asked or more info end of August (which was already there) so got to wait 28 days now before they look at it again. Been a long process but wouldn't part with the 3k the agent wanted so brought it on myself. Nearly there though. Where you going to head to when you get yours? Were thinking adelaide.
  14. Jsmull87

    Electrical skills assessment

    Its not that bad. The guy testing is pretty sound. Stay over the night before if you can afford it. Long day and you get your head right. I started mine earlier than the letter said so managed to get the train station in good time.
  15. Jsmull87

    Electrical skills assessment

    Yeah it was printed. I'm in Wrexham. A bit closer i could of met up with you and gone through it over a beer .