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  1. Jsmull87

    Jeyes Fluid

    Just clean them up as best you can. Milton sterilisation fluid works pretty well without the smell of Jeyes. they weren’t really interested in our day to day shoes when we moved over just things like walking boots, golf shoes, rugby boots etc .
  2. Jsmull87

    Supply teaching

    It’s probably bad times right now put there’s work to pick up with a little effort. Agencies aren’t as popular like the UK most schools and even individual teachers have a go to list and their regular go to person. My wife is a teacher in Adelaide and she has a list of school approved relief teachers and picks off it. Once you find where you want to live, pop into schools with a resume etc.
  3. Jsmull87

    Hnc recognition

    You would probably have to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning against a cert IV or diploma. Theres plenty of companies that do it but it costs.
  4. Jsmull87

    Electrician VETASSESS elective 1

    Vetassess would be the skills assessment? If so uk experience is expected as it’s the initial assessment. it’s a bit of a scam as they make you do the whole thing again as part of the capstone/ gap training. if you are doing the gap training then you need to use the Australian standards and they have a book for everything even though nobody actually does it on site. Be careful with the 3hr rule. I’m pretty sure the book says ‘full rated duration’. Which means any system that still has a 1hr fitting could still be acceptable. It’s generally 3hrs because most fittings are now rated at that because manufacturing costs are low enough to make selling 1hr fittings a bIt pointless.
  5. Jsmull87

    Secondary Teacher Qualification advice

    I don't there is really a way around it. AITSL want to see evidence of 45 days supervised teaching practice (PGCE). QTS isn't recognised in Australia.
  6. Jsmull87

    Advice on shipping tools

    I just took a photo of all mine laid out when cleaning just to prove I had one. get independent insurance and they just ask for lump sum. I don’t think Letton Percival insure trade tools but insure your move do.
  7. Jsmull87

    Moving to Adelaide

    If he has to do the gap course then I would say he needs to start making two enquires. 1. To PEER or TAFE SA for some dates. Peer only run two course per year. They will let him provisionally book and pay later. 2. To immigration SA to ask about funding. The gap course is approx $2000 plus cost of books. They may pay the course costs but not book costs. It will depend if he meets certain criteria though. seek is generally a waste of time for new migrants. A lot of employers don’t know what’s involved to get the qualifications changed over so shy away. Targeting big commercial companies direct is best. Try using LinkedIn to find other plumbers from uk and look for the first job they had in Adelaide. As the other post suggested. Air BnB for 4-6 weeks would be a good option. The dogs might cause you a few problems when applying for rental. You will find somewhere though. I wouldn’t pay too much notice to Homely. There’s not really enough people participating to make a true picture. There are some bad pockets even around the ‘nicer’ suburbs and people leave bad reviews of the fall out with neighbours over a tree which can happen anywhere. Any suburb along a train line will get you to city in 40mins which is fine for most. After the honeymoon period, how often will you go anyway? We shipped our dog over with a company called Golden Arrow based near Telford. They were really good although a little eccentric. We were able to visit them and you could see they really cared. I assume you have started all the rabies and blood work. Maybe get a transferwise currency card for booking quarantine so you are in control of the exchange rate. Dogtainers are really good option to get the dogs from Melbourne quarantine to Adelaide. We paid about $250. small things you could do are asking your estate agent or current landlord to write a little recommendation for you. Ideally mentioning how clean the house was and how well behaved the dogs are. Even scan in the sales brochure. Even consider writing a letter explaining a bit about you as a family for the landlord to read. It can help. If you really love a place you can offer 6 months rent up front. Hopefully some of this is useful to you but it is kind of a big adventure and there no formula that works for all. Don’t overthink too much as it will drive crazy. Get an air bnb and take a couple of weeks to find your feet. Aussies don’t do things quickly anyway.
  8. Jsmull87

    Football Club Wanting Players 2020

    Hey @Daz, Have you tried the poms in Adelaide facebook group or poms wanting south australia group? There been a few guys asking for teams on there recently.
  9. Jsmull87

    Moving to Adelaide

    Hey @Clare007, The construction industry here in Adelaide is doing quite well at the moment so your husband should be able to get a start if are arriving soon. It goes up and down though depending on projects. I doubt he will get much in reply while still in UK but once here things are a lot easier. I am an electrician and had no luck before arriving but once here I had my first interview on a Tuesday and started on the Thursday. Does he still have to do the Gap training on a 489? Trade assistant pays approx $25-$30 an hour. SA government were funding gap training if the skills assessment was done in the UK as part of visa application but not sure if it counts for 489. Might be worth asking immigration SA. In terms of areas, a lot of poms end up in the southern suburbs (us included) to the point you might even forget you moved countries.. I would say don't try to pre-plan it all. Suburbs are different and what suits one family wont suit others. Perhaps pick an air bnb either North, East, West or South depending on whether you want to be near the beach or the hills, barossa or mclaren wineries etc. and work it out from there. Houses you see on real estate (which i'm sure you have looked at) look nothing like the photos usually. My two cents would be go near a train line as buses are unreliable. Your hubby can use it get into the city for work ad you can get about easily without driving if you like a wine or two. There are some obvious areas to avoid such as Elizabeth in the north and hackham in the south. We were generally warned about anything with downs in the name but I wouldn't say its a fool proof method as there are good and bad pockets to every suburb.
  10. Have you checked interpol for your landlords picture I doubt they will call unless something makes them want to dig deeper. Surely you have receipts for rent payments etc in joint name you can supply or if its through an agent put them down. Joint bank accounts? A bill in each name with same address. If you have been married longer than 12 months, i doubt they will be that interested in you.
  11. Jsmull87

    Electricians In Australia

    This is what you will be asked to draw. Best way to think about it is put all the stops in series first then do starts in parallel. Don’t forget the hold on contact.
  12. It will depend on your state rules. Here in SA they are allowed providing they give you 7-14 days notice but they should give it serious consideration if the tenant requests to be present.
  13. @GB537 we love it. Things Like jobs fell into place for us quickly which really helped. There’s so much to see and do around the city. The weather just makes everything better. Adelaide is so easy to get around that nearly everywhere is convenient
  14. Hi Guys, Not Sure if any of you are still about on here. My wife and I would also be happy to meet up in Adelaide. We've been here since June 2019 and are both 32.
  15. To answer the questions without going into visa stuff. 1. To work as an electrician, you will need an electrical worker licence. To obtain this you will need to a. Pass your migration skills assessment and obtain an OSTR b. Complete x amount of supervised hours on the job in Australia (a licensed spark will sign off your job card each week) c. Complete a 3 week gap course/ capstone at a local trade school. When you have done A,B&C you will be issued a certificate iii in electrical work which then gets you a full licence as an electrical worker. If you want to be self employed, you have to do all that and then do a contractor course and then apply for a contractor licence, In some states this part can be expensive i'm told. 2. The demand is similar to most big cities in the UK. If you put the effort in and be pro active when you land you should pick up work. The initial problem is companies can pick up 1st,2nd, 3rd year apprentices up cheaply from local trade schools for however long suits them, like an agency. This makes it slightly harder for a 38yr old spark who is new to the country but definitely not impossible. Get all your visa stuff sorted out first. Don;t bother tyre kicking jobs etc. 99% wont even reply until you're in the country. If you have linkedin have a nose around and you will likely find guys who have moved out to Perth from the UK. Don't need to make contact, just look at companies that first took them on and target the bigger commercial ones just before you fly out or when you land. A lot of companies don't understand what's involved for foreign sparks so shy away altogether. The companies that have had UK guys will know they get well skilled labour for the rate of an apprentice.