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  1. Jsmull87

    Skilled migration early childhood educator

    For AITSL, providing you completed 4 years university education in an English speaking country then you will not need IELTs for skills assessment.. The fours years university need to include supervised teaching practice though.
  2. Jsmull87

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    I was just showing you what it is like. If you feel using an agent is best then you should do that. Everyone’s situation is different.
  3. Jsmull87

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    Have a look at this. Might help you decide
  4. Jsmull87

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    If you can do the skills assessment then the rest is plain sailing usually. As he’s self employed, getting the experience evidence will be hardest probably but the same evidence you supply for skills assessment will be what you supply on immiaccount. if you are organised and your case is straightforward then there is no reason you couldn’t do it yourself. I managed it your husband probably needs to speak to down under centre to get his assessment and cert first.
  5. Jsmull87

    Basic question

    No only the main visa applicant. Providing he has a British passport he will be fine as second applicant.
  6. Jsmull87

    Initial fees to pay

    Can anybody tell me if there is a fee for the release appointment and if so how much it is. Just trying to keep on top of what we have paid and what is left to pay.
  7. Jsmull87

    Any ideas Anzsco code???

    Might be better if you look on the MLTSSL and see if you can match your skills to one of them. Diesel Motor Mechanic 321212is on there for example. Once you get the visa you can look for specialist work again.
  8. Jsmull87

    Adelaide Job Hunting Tips

    When is a good time to start applying for jobs etc. I will be arriving first week in June and was wondering if I should start introducing myself to employers advertising roles similar to what I would be looking for. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Jsmull87

    should we apply for 190 as well as 189

    The question is would you be happy to live and work in either of those states if they sponsored you? You can submit as many EOIs as you wish but you may have to apply direct to state first and pay a small fee.
  10. Jsmull87

    Down Under Live - London

    Not been to London but been to others. My personal opinion is that it is not really worth the expense. You can get the same information a lot easier on their website and webinars. i also found that you can be overwhelmed by things you do not need to be concerned with for about 12 months like shipping. I don’t tknow what stage you are at but keep an open mind. a lot of the companies are partnered up and refer you to each other. You can forget to price check then because the other company gave you a positive feeling. I got 3 quotes for shipping and the one we big name met at the show were way out but dropped the price when pulled up. i have seen how bad some of the recruiters are too. Smart teach for one have not been good. The uk ream are really good at building it all up but then you get robbed off to one of the state offices in Aus. We spoke to a guy in their office who had has down for the wrong state and when corrected his words were why are you going there there’s no jobs. My said she had seen one advertised and sent hiim link saying she will apply direct to school. Ext thing we know he had apparently sent her application and under no circumstances should the school be contacted. Never heard from him again. I know it sounds like a little rant but what I am saying is remember no matter how helpful they seem it is a business model.
  11. Trades Recognition Australia are the assessing body for Electricians. Future skills and Vetassess are two organisations that have a contract to carry out the assessments in UK on behalf of TRA. They have to cover essentially the same elements but can put their own little twist on it. Vetassess are in Blackburn and Future Skills in London.
  12. It was an actual question in my theory paper as well. So worth knowing it. Worth some hefty marks too if i remember correctly. He didn’t actually watch me do it specifically he just watched what i did with the install board and threw in a few questions. DOL can be tricky if your not doing em regular. You have to draw the circuit out first and then go connect it up show it working. Most switches are pre wired with fly leads. Just got to wire in the hold on contacts and the overload.
  13. Jsmull87

    189 skilled visa costs etc

    No i did it myself. If you're organised with it then it isn't as bad as you think. hopefully you don't have a dog. Dogs are expensive to take. Ours must be flying business class. Have you looked into any of it yet? There's flights, temp accommodation, car hire to add in afterwards as well. I would say plan for being without work for 3 months also although a carpenter should be in demand.
  14. Jsmull87

    Claiming experience after skills assessment?

    I always thought you could claim for it as long as you have the evidence to back it up. I.e employer reference, employment contract, payslip etc.It just means supplying the additional evidence to DIBP through immiaccount. So you will have an employment statement from ACS covering x years and extra evidence covering remainder.
  15. Jsmull87

    189 skilled visa costs etc

    I'm not a carpenter but I your skill looking at £800 - £1000 for the assessment. It's in two stages. On the bright side it does give you the aussie qual meaning you can get straight into working unlike the licensed trades. White card is £50 if you do it in the UK probably a lot cheaper if you wait. Police certificates are £45 each as long as you don;t go fast track. IELTS are £150 a pop and i would budget for at least two if you need max points. Look into PTE. Some find it easier. Shipping £3000 - £5000 for a typical family home. Just tools £500. That's roughly what i got quote for electrician toolkit and power tools. Don't under estimate how long everything takes too. If you are set then i would start the process now. Its taken us 18 months from skills assessment to visa grant and we are taking another 6 months to plan the move. Oh and the agent will likely charge you between 2-3k depending on how much work they have to do.