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    Permanent Job or Permanent Visa

    Hi VERYSTORMY, thanks a lot also for your advice. I know the Oil and Gas jobs there in Australia is very difficult now.. I also think to delay my decision until the Oil and Gas business is booming again. But I am not really getting any younger, I need to settle down in some place. Thanks again! :-)
  2. nl2oz

    Permanent Job or Permanent Visa

    Hi Quoll, thanks a lot for your advice. Actually, I am thinking the same but I cannot leave my current company for a long time. That's why, I abandon that plan.. You are correct that sometimes, we tend to get the opportunity that is on the table which is my permanent job than risking my career in uncertainty on Australian Job Market specially in Oil and Gas line.
  3. nl2oz

    Permanent Job or Permanent Visa

    I got my PR first before I land this Job.. I tried to find jobs via Seek and company website in Australia but I just got ngative response or no response at all. I am thinking that they considered that I am not in Australia..
  4. HI, Just want to get your point of view... My profession is an Engineer for Oil and Gas Engineering Company. Currently, I have a permanent job in one of the Oil and Gas Company here in The Netherlands. I am also a permanent residence (SI 189) of Australia. I need your honest opinion if I where in your place, Do I give up my permanent job to start my life in Australia and I will stay here for good? or I will try my luck and "hope" to find a suitable job in Australia. Every time I am thinking that I will give-up my permanent residency, there is always been a part of my mind that regretting that thoughts. Thanks!