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  1. Hey writergirl74, Thanks for your reply. That would be fab. I'll try and work out how to pm and do that. Sarah
  2. Hey Yvonne, Did you arrange a meet up in the end? How are you getting on? If you are on facebook then North Shore Mums is a great resource. We would love to meet up. I'm 39, hubby is 35 and we have a 2 year old girl. Sarah.
  3. Hi there, We've been here a few years and met some amazing people through this fantastic site before, but over time people have left to go back to the UK or circumstances have changed. I would love to meet some new people for chats over tea/coffee and cake or wine, go to the movies, hang out in a park or at the beach etc. Whether you are new here or been here a while, then please get in touch! I live in Lane Cove but happy to meet wherever is convenient. Thanks for reading this far! Sarah