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  1. dazgib

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Just got the golden email!!!! 12 months and 1 day since the application went in. Nomination approved this morning 2 weeks after the dealine for requested docs to be uploaded by. and the visa was granted at the same time no further documents requested ive been a long time reader on here. this has been my 3rd 186 Application and the relief at the moment is hard to comprehend. this forum has been a great help through it all. thanks everyone and good luck!
  2. dazgib

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Luka, You asked what documents they requested. It was updated BAS, Profit & Loss, Group Certs & Tax Returns as it was nearly 12 months since the application
  3. dazgib

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    all the requested documents were submitted before the 8/2/19 havent heard anthing since. i thought they would have looked at the case again by now. my visa status still says received so they havent opened that yet
  4. dazgib

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Not on the spreadsheet but here is my timeline 186 TRT 1 Person Low Risk Country Painting Trades Worker Nomination & Visa Applied 28/2/18 Case Officer Assigned: 20/1/19 Request for Updated Business Financial Documents, Submitted Fingers crossed for good news soon
  5. hi all, ive had a co assigned to the nomination which my agent is dealing with. they have asked for most recent BAS, Tax Returns and recent profit and loss statements our last application was refused after 4 months because of inadequate training benchmark proof even though it was all in order. for this application we have supplied all the necessary paperwork and proof of that. i was wondering does anyone know if these business financials document request mean that this nomination is nearly complete? is this usually the final step? thanks in advance
  6. i have asked my employer to contact DIBP and request it. hopefully they will. none of the information on it would need to be adjusted as it is still all correct, just that the employer needed to get business sponsorship approval before the nomination as they changed ABN We used an RMA for the 457 but that was 4 years ago., we assumed this would be straight forward as it was the transitional 186.
  7. hi, is there any possibility that immigration could transfer or re-activate a withdrawn 186 nomination application that links to my visa application.....as i have applied for a 186 visa but the nomation was advised to be withdrawn as the employer needed to get sponsorship approval again as they changed ABN's. they employer has since got this approval...but do we have to start again and lodge new a new nomination and visa and lose my fee...even though all the info/details on the nomination are still the exact same?? thanks
  8. dazgib

    Tricky 457 to 186 Question ?

    thanks david but i think you misunderstood a bit. i know about the BVA and BVB. im the on BVA now while my 186 application is being processed. what im asking is before i contact immigration again, explaining everything, will i have to withdraw the application and get a 457 or will they just proceed with the 186 after i inform them that the company can just lodge a new nomination or re-instate the withdrawn one thanks
  9. hi all, bit stumped what to do next just looking for opinions my company sponsored me on a 457 in 2013 in 2015, after over 2 years working with them on the 457, we started the application for transition to 186 with a nomination for 186 we were told to withdraw the nomination application because due to the company changing to a PTY and a new ABN, they had to go to the 457 department and get approved to be a sponsor first. So, recently they have been approved to be a sponsor, but as my 457 was running out, I completed a 186 visa application online using the reference from the withdrawn nomination application so basically, i wondering peoples opinions...should i have to withdraw my 186 application and apply for a 457 and then restart the 186 from scratch(dont really want to go down the 457 route) or i shouldnt need a 457 again and just explain the situation and get the 186 back on track if possible thanks in advance