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  1. Earlier post was spot on for time of year (Jan for application, approx March Apr for allocation), however, it is generally not liked by the powers that be that any child is not in full time education. So, if you rocked up in Mid Oct in a new area the local council would take application and allocate a place as soon as possible. There is an appeals process as well. In case you are not aware, all children in the UK should start Reception the September following their 4th birthday. it can be tricky to get decent info on schools as OFSTED ratings are not the be all and end all. i.e. There are 3 schools in catchment for me, all are GOOD according to OFSTED but every one is better than another in some respect. Always remember, you can always move school it is not a lifetime decision. Try to find info on a schools VALUE ADDED if you can
  2. I am thinking of a move to Australia, would be interested to hear your reasons of return? On your question: Most people seem to think that it is generally more expensive to buy new in Australia than UK. With that in mind think of cost of shipping against cost of items, especially large furniture items. Even if you don't buy new in UK initially. Check out Ebay UK site for approx temp replacements and that may help make the financial attachment decision easier although never much help on emotional attachments
  3. Hi All, this is my first post so go easy on me. My wife is a teacher with many years experience in public sector teaching. My queries revolve around the following that i hope to gain some insight: - My preferred location is Sunshine or Gold Coast - she is specialised in Design Technology (Resistant materials) but also Food (Home economics), what is the feel for job prospects? - Is there a demand for "supply" teachers if permanent employ is not immediately available? - What are the best sites to look at to see what kind of jobs are in demand? Any input appreciated, Greebo