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    Immigration address for 820 partner visa

    Thanks very much Mark. I have done everything online so far but my immigration agent (in relation to my PMV) told us to certify everything (IDs, certificates), as if it was the paper form. It was a lot of work and I'm just worried that not doing the same this time would be a mistake. It does seem absurd to me but I suppose mocking up documents is possible with all the different software available these days. I think I'll play it safe, as annoying as it is.
  2. StructureD

    Prospective marriage visa to 820 visa

    That must have been really tough. Thank you, you've reassured me.
  3. StructureD

    Prospective marriage visa to 820 visa

    Thank you. Thinking about it, I could quite easily get my IDs certified again here in Australia, so I'll do it at the same time as my statement etc. I may as well!
  4. StructureD

    Prospective marriage visa to 820 visa

    Thank you, that makes sense. So I guess I can't use ID documents that were certified in the UK? I'll need to get the same docs certified here in Oz.
  5. StructureD

    Prospective marriage visa to 820 visa

    Hi All, This is a really helpful topic and thread. I'm a UK citizen living in Australia on a PMV (just married) and applying for a partner visa (820). I know that I'll need to get new statements from family and friends, but should my statement just be an addendum to the last one? It just seems like so much information to cover in one statement and all of the previous information still applies. I was thinking of uploading both, making it very clear in the latest one (I will get it witnessed) that it should be read after reading by original. What do you think? I could just cut and paste the original into the new one, as I still have that info written up anyway. Cheers, Greg
  6. Hello, Probably a very stupid question but what address should we put on statements/affidavits for immigration if I'm applying on shore? I assume it's: Department of Immigration and Border Protection PO Box 25 Belconnen ACT 2616 That's the address on the acknowledgement of application. Thank you, Greg
  7. StructureD

    Partner Visa 820 after PMV 300

    Thanks for your help.
  8. StructureD

    Partner Visa 820 after PMV 300

    Great, thanks very much. I understand about the declarations/statements, and that's no issue. I paid for an immigration company to help me for the PMV and I think they were advising me as if I was submitting a physical copy, rather than an online application. They told me get everything certified, which was particularly difficult in the UK.
  9. Hi All, My wife and I got married recently after my Prospective Marriage Visa was approved and we moved from the UK to Sydney in December 2016. My wife is an Australian citizen and I'm in the process of applying for my Partner Visa 801 from Australia. My question is about documents and evidence. We submitted documents for the PMV online and will do the same for the Partner Visa. I kept copies of my submitted evidence for my PMV and had it all certified in the UK. Can I just use a lot of that again or do I need to get it all certified in Australia now? I know we'll need new declarations and the wedding certificate will need to be certified, but copies of my ID documents and all other documents just seems like so much work, when I could just upload what I previously submitted. I think my police check will be over 12 months very soon too, so I'm hoping they won't ask for a new one. I hope this makes sense. Thanks very much, Greg