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  1. Hello everyone, sorry if I'm posting here but I'm completely freaking out. so my story in Australia: applied for 457 as restaurant manager in May 2013, refusal in august 2013, so I appealed to MRT and got a bridging visa. In September 2013 I started to work as restaurant manager for my sponsor business. In April 2015 I won the appeal and on the 5th of June 2015 I got the 457. Actually I have been working for my sponsor for almost 4 years but only from June 2015 under the 457. Now my plan was to apply for ENS 186 TRT on the 5th of June 2017, but can I still do that with good chances to get it??? And can I apply like next week so the time they process my application it will be definitely more than 2 years since my 457 started??? sorry again but I'm very worried as I already went through hell to stay legitimately here and also invested a lot time and money...as many of you. thank you very much